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Mastering Studio Transmitter Links (STLs) for Broadcast Excellence

Discover why IP-based circuits are revolutionizing STLs.

Innovation Crossroads: The Intersection of Software and Embedded Hardware

Should you opt for software solutions or rely on embedded hardware?

Next Generation MPX Solutions

If you are interested in the newest updates for MPX and µMPX in radio broadcasting, look no further!

Product Lifecycle Announcement

2wcom Systems GmbH presents new migration strategy for discontinued products

Paneda & 2wcom awarded by Arqiva

The whole 2wcom team is pleased about the trust that Arqiva has placed in us.

The European Broadcasting Union opted for 2wcoms IP-4c

In 2017, the EBU radio organizations and Eurovision Services engineers agreed to replace the Euroradio Live Network equipment...

Radio World says 2wcom’s HDR-CC Is a Small Box With Impact

The HD Radio Capture Client (HDR-CC) solution eases configurations not only for audio acquisition but also output for emergency alerts.

Radio World: Protect the Elements of your DAB+ Network

The Digital Audio Broadcasting standard has become an integral part of our broadcast world. Australia completed its DAB+ rollout in June.

Proaudio: 2wcom’s MoIN Software is linking studio, distribution and streaming

The MoIN Multimedia over IP Network software streamlines the digital transition.

Broadcast Partners and 2wcom Streamline MPX over IP Distribution

In 2019, one of Broadcast Partner's major clients released a tender for MPX over IP distribution, The technical requirements were tough..

RedTech Magazine: Antenna Hungaria Moves To Full IP Radio Distribution

Due to the progressive obsolescence of the distribution devices, in 2016, Antenna Hungaria started assessing the market to choose the most suitable technology to implement in order to update and reshape its distribution network.

Radio World’s Profiles in Excelence featuring 2wcom

The company says "we are a broadcast technology-driven company and develop future visions of audio solutions. 75% of our crew are engineers.

IP-8m Phase-Locked Codec

2wcom has launched the IP-8m Phase-Locked codec for surround sound. The company explains the new eight-channel AoIP codec allows for the transmission of eight digital mono-channels. This means radio stations can provide their listeners live content in both stereo and surround sound quality.

2wcom’s SIRC Improves Regionalized Remote Management

The new Google Maps feature of 2wcom’s Satellite In-band Remote Control (SIRC) browser lets broadcasters carry out commands and reports per region. Using the SIRC web interface, users can define any number of locations and associated regions (“shapes”) for a country on Google Maps.

Radio World: Easy remote Monitoring of your A30 FM Monitoring Receiver Fleet

Flensburg, Germany – According to 2wcom, it's A30 monitoring, and remote management solution enables operators to manage and evaluate all A30 monitoring receivers in one-stop via an easy to use integrated location/device management.

Radio World’s Market Place introducing the HDR Capture Client

„Delivering additional HD Radio channels has never been so easy.“ Says Leif Cipriani, CTO at 2wcom. The HD Radio Capture Client (HDR-CC) fits perfectly with Generation 4 HD Radio systems. For a very affordable price, it can take in one digital or analog stereo audio channel and provide it to an Importer.

RedTech Online: 2wcom MoIN Links Contribution and Distribution

IBC Daily presenting 2wcom’s DAB-4c

The 4audio DAB-4c has been designed for some specific challenges a broadcaster might face when considering DAB.

2wcom Debuts the HDR-CC Capture Client

Delivering additional HD Radio channels has never been so easy”. The HD Radio Capture Client (HDR-CC) fits perfectly with Generation 3 or 4 HD Radio systems. For a very affordable price, it can take in one digital or analog stereo audio channel and provide it to an Importer.

Radio World Summer of Products highlighting 2wcom’s IP-4c codec

The four-channel Audio over IP codec eases audio applications and gives you flexibility in operation.

Digital Networks Must Facilitate Operations

Agility Is Key to Our Success

Radio World’s Spring Show @ Home to officially debute 2wcom’s HDR-CC Capture Client

Radio World’s Spring Show @ Home – MoIN server offers services in the cloud

Radio World Announces Virtual Show Floor

Radio World’S NAB Sneak Peek: 2wcom Debuts HDR-CC

2wcom Highlights latest Product Innovations – Part One

Radio World eBook: Cross-Media Adoption Unites Media Production, Distribution

How to Future-Proof Your DAB Network

Radio World’s Summer of Products

It’s the Beginning of a Long Journey

Centralized MPX Over IP Transmission

2wcom’s ‘Absolute SAT or IP Flexibility’

IP and its effects on cross-media workflows

2wcom Manages A30 Networks

Handling DAB+ Projects in Complex and Critical Environments

State of Play – Integration of IP in German Broadcast Networks

IBC365 – IP opportunities: German broadcadters’ real world usage

2wcom’s New Products Ease Challenges of Audio Broadcast Systems

IBC E-Daily – Codec and Server join 2wcom AoIP range

AoIP Codec Requirements for SSL Applications

RadioWorld BUYER’S GUIDE TECHUPDATE – 2wcom adds features to A30 monitoring system

SatBroadcasting™: Encoder Enhancement Eases DVB-S2 Switch Over

Radio Magazin Facility Showcase Radio Alouette

Radio World International MARKETPLACE

AoIP Codec MM01 from 2wcom Systems

RDS Solution

2wcom Chosen by Swedens Teracom

Audio over Satellite (DVB-S/S2)

Audio over Satellite, DVB-S, DVB-S2 solution

Radio World International Marketplace – MM01 Functionality

Radio World – 2wcom introduces A30 for FM Monitoring

2wcom and Jump2Go Develop RDS2.0 Encoder

Synchronous FM

2wcoms FlexDSR Facilitates Transport Technologies

2wcom Increases Versatility for SkalaFM, RadioVLR

2wcom to launch very efficient station ID solution

2wcom will be presenting their professional broadcast products and solutions for audio over IP, audio over DVB-S/S2, DAB / DAB+ over satellite / IP, and FM, RDS at the upcoming NAB2016 event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2wcoms MM01 Chosen by Broadcast Partners

Dutch radio service provider Broadcast Partners has implemented audio-over-IP distribution from the studio to up to 250 transmitters in Netherlands and Belgium, using 2wcom’s MM01 AoIP Codec.

2wcom Systems Partners with Ravenna

Germany-based 2wcom Systems has announced that it has joined the Ravenna partner community led by ALC NetworX GmbH in Munich.

2wcom and TDF Boost Radio Services

FlexDSR+ helps transmission provider build adaptable, versatile DVB-S2 network in France

2wcom Supplies DAB+ Networks in Netherlands

Four regional DAB+ networks built by Broadcast Partners went to air in the Netherlands in May, all of which were installed with 2wcom’s FlexXtract+ DAB+ distribution extractor.

2wcom Selected by Radio France

Radio France has chosen to go with 2wcom’s FlexDSR02+ for satellite audio distribution, deploying 60 units with dual tuner option to service its network

2wcom FlexDSR02+ for Algerian National Radio

Telediffusion d'Alg©rie (TDA) has placed a second order for 2wcoms FlexDSR technology to extend its new infrastructure for audio distribution via satellite.

Audio Monitoring In Broadcast lnfrastructure Devices

The best of today's broadcast infrastructures achieve class-leading efficiency through a high degree of component autonomy and the ability to self-monitor.

The digital satellite receiver DSR01, new trump of Skyrock

2wcom Helps Drive NAVTEQ