Audio over Satellite (DVB-S/S2)

Audio over Satellite

2wcom offers a complete DVB-S and DVB-S2 System Solution for Professional Audio, RDS, and IP-Transmission. The system includes the encoding, multiplexing, modulation (up-link) and professional DVB Satellite Receivers, FlexDSR02+, FlexDSR04+ (IRDs for down-link) that have been developed especially for professional audio and RDS decoding.

The new Satellite In-Band Remote Control System (SIRC) let you manage the entire system from a single position remotely.

For what reason do broadcaster choose DVB-S / S2 Professional Audio Satellite Receiver from 2wcom Systems over others?

Because 2wcom offers an exceptionally comprehensive feature set which:

  • supports all major audio formats
  • carries out automatic program switching
  • offers full regionalization capabilities
  • can be equipped with dual tuner option and built-in support for streaming
  • accepts input from satellite (DVB-S/S2), internet (IP) and synchronous transmission lines (STL with ASI)
  • has an SD-card based internal memory capacity to facilitate additional backup solutions and transmission scenarios
  • integrates an automatic weight balancing of quality parameter and failover switching to alternative input sources ( Satellite, IP-line, ASI, SD card )
  • is complemented by seamless audio fading between sources
  • offers SIRC – a system management tool via satellite remotely
  • is very well known for a fail-safe dedicated hardware
  • offers useful savings in rack space
  • is very economically in low power consumption in the long run


[mks_accordion_item title=”1. Hybrid Satellite/IP Network for transmission redundancy”]

The reliability of your operational network can be increased significantly by adding a second transmission line based on another technology, for example Audio over IP. The FlexDSR02/04+ offers the possibility to receive a stream via satellite or IP, therefore you can easily add the IP backup to an existing 2wcom satellite transmission system.

Audio over Satellite Hybrid SAT/IP Network

Even if some devices like the IP-8e have redundant power supplies, it can be required to add 1+1 device redundancy to a transmission chain. Therefore both chains before the satellite can be combined to a 1+1 redundancy with a redundancy switch, for example the AZ210 from Newtec. If you want to set up a redundant system, please don’t hesitate to ask us to find the right solution.

Audio over satellite redundancy

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