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In the city, thanks to digitization and the growing IP network infrastructure, it is easy to get the radio signal from A to B. But the larger and more inaccessible the landscape, the more difficult the signal transmission becomes. 

Both mountain landscapes and far-sighted desert areas benefit from audio-over-satellite systems. The clear advantage here is that many locations can be connected over large areas and the wireless connection makes this very cost-effective. 

Overcome natural obstacles without altering them

Whether in mountainous terrain such as in northern parts of Europe, in large forests in South America or in a desert area in North Africa, the distribution of radio signals in these sparsely populated areas is a great challenge for many. Connecting your stations via satellite solves many of these challenges and enables high-quality broadcasting of your radio signal over large and inaccessible areas. 

We understand that many radio stations still have concerns that a satellite system tends to be weather prone, but our experience here at 2wcom is that the call is much worse than the situation. E.g Norway distributes the DAB signal in high quality over the whole country.

“…many locations can be connected over large areas…”

Transmit your signal to any location on earth

Over the last 20 years we have supported many customers with our sat-solutions and have grown from experience and challenges ourselves. 

Both our customers who use DAB+ streams (EDI or ETI) over Satellite and those who operate Audio over Satellite appreciate the fact that our devices enrich and simplify the quality of operation and maintenance. Other positive aspects are the savings in cabling due to the wireless satellite transmission and of course the elimination of construction work and the unspoiled nature as a result.

At 2wcom, we continuously enhance our portfolio in our satellite receiver range. We are building new devices based on our new hardware platform. With this new platform we are even more flexible because we can combine different functions and different devices into a new, tailor-made solution.

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For DAB+: EDI or ETI

Yes, via the ??server assitant management tool. Very save to transport the update to the device, very stable, good concept. Before switching over the new package will be check on reliability. So very safe.

Yes, our product range offers full regionalisation. Über Sat stream mehr Kapazität. Wir können kurze Werbesport als regionalisierte Files übertragen. Files werden im Hintergund mit übertragen und benötigen nicht viel Bandbreite.

Schmalen zusätzlichen IP Kanal verwenden um Gerät auszulesen und Log Files auszulesen.

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