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MPX over IP solution

For centuries, people have experimented with different sounds and their effects on the human mind and body. For example, everyone knows how good music can affect our mood.

Today we can optimize the composite file through sound processing. This allows us to capture the listener in a more targeted manner. Of course, the song and the individual taste in music play an important role, but the sound quality also has a strong influence on the audience.

Why complicate things?

Regardless of wether it is Pop, Classic or a Podcast, each recording requires individual settings.
Are you still sending your audio files raw to all the broadcast locations and are you sure it is best to perform sound processing at every single location? MPX could save a lot of time, money and effort.

We are aware that many radio stations are still concerned about delays and unstable connections because of the increased bandwidth usage. At 2wcom we took all these concerns in consideration and are proud to offer you our innovative MPX-series.

“Sending out an FM signal from your studio to your transmitter sites has never been easier”

Stay up to date in a
rapidly evolving world

At 2wcom, we follow a philosophy that is closely aligned with our customers. Over the past 9 years we have evolved our MPX expertise and are proud that our FMC01 has paved the way for our new and innovative MPX-series.

Our customers appreciate the fact that directly creating the MPX signal in the studio made sound processing a lot easier. This not only saves time, but also money. Since not every station has to be equipped with sound processors, maintenance and support are also considerably simplified. When we started working with MPX almost 10 years ago, bandwidth was still a real problem. Due to positive development, this hardly plays a role anymore and delays and unstable connections are reduced to a minimum.

We work with you to find the best fitting setup for your FM environment. Through years of experience we come up with individual innovative solutions for complex problems which are then assembled by our production here in Flensburg (Germany). We attach great importance to finding a long-term solution for you and appreciate the continuous cooperation with many of our customers.

Still not convinced?


Created by Thimeo Audio, µMPX is an audio codec designed to efficiently transmit a complete FM composite MPX signal while achieving bitrates that can be minimized to as low as 320 kbit/s. This technology offers a significant reduction in bandwidth utilization and associated costs, making it particularly advantageous for scenarios involving limited bandwidth IP connections or satellite distribution. Transmitting MPX instead of L/R audio can lead to significant cost reduction, because it eliminates sound processing costs at the transmitter site.

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Technically speaking: ~5mbps for PCM (192kHz@24Bit) or 320-800kbps for µMPX (192kHz@24Bit).

As MPX is a complex signal, any error will not just deterioate audio quality but also have a negative impact on RDS reception. That is why we always propose to apply an error protection scheme to the contributing streams.

Satellite has always been pretty reliable, however IP networks have improved to a state, where they offer the same reliability plus the added benefit of a true bidirectional communication. This offers further benefits, that are not available on satellite only distributions (SRT, RIST, Live Listening, etc.).

Interoperability is a top priority at 2wcom. Our MPX devices have a high level of standardization and integrate most common standards. With our Stream4Sure technology we guarantee highest reliability – no matter what your IP or SAT structure looks like.

Of course, we work with two redundancy schemes: redundancy on line paths and redundancy on device level. In case of an emergency, even a satellite connection could be used as a backup.

Every setup is unique, please contact us for an individual 2wcom-consultation below.

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