MPX over IP


MPX over IP empowers the broadcaster to connect FM transmitter sites directly to the studio. All sophisticated audio processing mechanisms can be applied in the studio eliminating the need for sound processors, stereo generators or RDS encoders at each transmitter site. That offers two major advantages: Lower expenses and the possibility to deliver the same high quality audio experience to every transmitter site.

The disadvantage of a single point of failure can be nullified by a good redundancy system. If the MPX signal is lost, it will not result in a loss of your broadcast, but a switch-over to your backup path.

The MPX composite baseband signal is either taken in from a digital (AES/EBU) or analog interface at a suitable samplerate, for example 192 kHz. To maintain the audio quality no codecs or other algorithms are applied to the signal. The small package sizes of our MPX over IP key product, the FMC01, implements low latencies that are less than 20ms.

What is special about the 2wcom MPX over IP transmission system?

  • synchronization of decoders precisely to 1µs
  • automatic IP network propagation delay compensation
  • High end Analog-Digital-Converters (ADC) and Digital-Analog-Converters (DAC) for optimal sound experience
  • Robust IP connections protected by configurable Pro-MPEG FEC
  • suitable for Single Frequency Networks (SFN)
  • Multicasting