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2wcom is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and system integrator of professional audio broadcast equipment for Audio over IP, Satellite, DAB+, and FM.

Our Products and services are designed for 24/7 operation and include various features to ensure transmission robustness. Worldwide customers of 2wcom benefit from our long-time experience, competence, first-class customer service, and quality Made-in-Germany.


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Audio over IP Solution

Broadcasting without Internet
Protocol? Unthinkable!

Broadcasting without Internet Protocol? Unthinkable!

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2wcom Mojn Software

Available as hardware or virtualized software, our new MoIN multimedia over IP network server eases the day-to-day work of network operators. Due to its new and advanced technological concept it assures outstanding flexibility in application and offers a high-level compatibility which is especially important in mixed networks and expanded infrastructures.

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