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Nowadays everyone knows DAB+ from their car radio. The colored album covers, weather forecasts, traffic information and news that are shown on the display in the vehicle are distinctive features of DAB+. By switching from an analogue (FM) to a digital terrestrial radio connection (DAB+), frequency searches and noisy transmissions are a thing of the past.

DAB+ combines quality and efficiency, two basic values that are part of everyday life at 2wcom. With the advancing digitization of the media world, the medium of radio is also constantly evolving. 


DAB was invented and launched in the early 1990s and there have been several generations of technologies since then. In fact, there is a change from the outdated E1 lines (call ETI in DAB+) to IP technology (call EDI in DAB+). Many of the older ETI devices can be used today without any problems and the DAB-4c is the perfect addition to transform the old interfaces into the new IP world.

Analog transmission has been reaching its limits for a long time. FM frequencies are limited and it is difficult for new programs to broadcast on FM. As everywhere, you have to keep up with the advancing digitization, so of course the radio medium must not be forgotten.


“By integrating the DAB-4c into your system, an old infrastructure can be combined with new technology.”

Updating step by step

At 2wcom, we follow a philosophy that enables us to work closely with our customers. 2wcom supports you regardless of whether you operate:

  • DAB in extended networks with EDI and ETI multiplexers as sources
  • legacy ETI and EDI transmitters in parallel
  • DAB in existing infrastructures that were not originally intended for DAB

The DAB-4c is an All-rounder and transforms up to 4 streams including perfect synchronization in one device.
By integrating the DAB-4c into your system, an old infrastructure can be combined with new technology.

Through years of experience we come up with individual innovative solutions for complex problems which are then assembled by our production here in Flensburg (Germany). Our in-house production paired with our existing know-how make customer-specific changes easy. We attach great importance to finding a long-term solution for you and appreciate the continuous cooperation with many of our customers. We work with you to find the best fitting setup for your environment.

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Tork fragen, Antworten auf DAB-4c polen.

Tork fragen zu mehr Details. (Ja, können alle 4 separat synchronisiert werden)

Altes Netzwerk vorhanden –> kann man es einsetzten um von ETI auf EDI zu kommen. Neue Verteilung, neue Sender –> Interoperability is a top priority at 2wcom. 

Every setup is unique, please contact us for an individual 2wcom-consultation below.

Ist in Planung. Das produkt vrreint dab 4c mit flextract. 

The device provides the possibility of seamless switching between two EDI or ETI sources (PFT Dual Streaming).

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