MoIN Studio

Simple remote

studio access


Your live reporting anywhere, anytime

MoIN Studio simplifies the communication between the main studio and remote teams such as reporters, playout-vans, moderators, or other studios. Even with multiple locations involved in the process, audio streams can be handled flexibly by the main studio.

Advantages of a "Broadcast studio to go"

The MoIN Studio Software is the future way to reliably coordinate your content from various sources like a reporter, playout-van, moderator, or studio in the best quality possible. 


Use case MoIN Studio

Audio connection via SIP server and collection by MoIN Studio Software

The audio produced at events in Stadiums, halls, theaters, or open air concerts must be transmitted live to the studios. The connection can easily be done over internet, supported by the 2wcom SIP-Server SIP2com and directly into the MoIN software server. The MoIN software can run on a hardware server, virtualized or in the cloud and collect all audio streams. The MoIN Studio Software can transcode the audio streams into any format and other devices can communicate with the Software via NMOS to optimize speed and quality. The audio streams can be routed to be live on air and/or directly be archived.


Standard audio transcoding
Monthly | Yearly plans available
  • Platform: VMware, Linux Docker
  • Basic codecs included
  • Basic streaming protocols
  • Ancillary data


Advanced audio transcoding
Monthly | Yearly plans available
  • Platform: VMware, Linux Docker
  • SRT and RIST
  • HLS Encoder (pull)
  • EBU Tech 3323
  • DVB TS Encoder / Decoder
  • Livewire+ / RAVENNA


Most advanced audio transcoding
Monthly | Yearly plans available
  • Platform: Kubernetes
  • Dolby Codecs
  • stream4sure
  • HLS Encoder (push)
  • Icecast Encoder
  • Multichannel phase-locked
  • All future features included!


You can download the datasheet with detailed information about this software product here:

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