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Minimize rackspace, optimize audio quality

For the MoIN Distribution Software it does not matter where your signal comes from, it transports it safely to your transmitters and provides you with accurate statistics about your service. By being able to collect numerous channels in one digital software codec, you drastically reduce your ecological footprint.

Advantages of the "one for all" software solution

Controlling, transcoding and distribution, all in one place. The MoIN Distribution Software is easily adaptable to any studio environment and compatible with third-party solutions. 


Use-Case MoIN Distribution

AoIP codec and MoIN Distribution Software set-up in DAB+ infrastructure

The British Radio infrastructure provider Arqiva has choosen an AoIP distribution system from 2wcom for their DAB+ Audio Infrastructure. In more than 200 regional Studios the audio will be encoded with the 8-channel AoIP codec IP-8e. All audio channels are transmitted to the headend via IP lines and fed into the MoIN Distribution Software Server. The MoIN distribution server runs with a hot backup and can be switched to the third MoIN server, the Disaster Recovery System, for full protection. The MoIN Distribution Software is perfect for transcoding the audio and transfer the signal to the DAB ensemble multiplexer from Paneda. 


Standard audio transcoding
Monthly | Yearly plans available
  • Platform: VMware, Linux Docker
  • Basic codecs included
  • Basic streaming protocols
  • Ancillary data


Advanced audio transcoding
Monthly | Yearly plans available
  • Platform: VMware, Linux Docker
  • SRT and RIST
  • HLS Encoder (pull)
  • EBU Tech 3323
  • DVB TS Encoder / Decoder
  • Livewire+ / RAVENNA


Most advanced audio transcoding
Monthly | Yearly plans available
  • Platform: Kubernetes
  • Dolby Codecs
  • stream4sure
  • HLS Encoder (push)
  • Icecast Encoder
  • Mutlichannel phase-locked
  • All future features included!


You can download the datasheet with detailed information about this software product here:

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