Next Generation MPX Solutions

If you are interested in the newest updates for MPX and µMPX in radio broadcasting, we are excited to share with you the latest advancements in high-quality products from 2wcom Systems GmbH.

We take pride in continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in our MPX product line. Our dedication to meeting customer needs and incorporating valuable feedback has led to the development of two remarkable solutions: the MPX-2c and MPX-2ds. These cutting-edge offerings have already garnered attention and are now being implemented in major radio broadcasting projects worldwide.

One of the most noteworthy features in these new products is the introduction of Single Frequency Network (SFN) technology with 1PPS and Synchronous Playout Networks (SPN) using Network Time Protocol (NTP). By seamlessly synchronizing timing across multiple transmitters, these enhancements ensure optimal signal quality, coverage, and synchronicity. Broadcasters can now deliver a consistent and reliable experience to their listeners, no matter where they are tuning in from.

However, it is the MPX-2ds that truly steals the spotlight. This innovative addition tour MPX product range supports MPX over Satellite, making it an invaluable tool for broadcasters relying on satellite distribution. Acting as a satellite receiver, the MPX-2ds can output MPX signals transport via satellite, fulfilling the specific demands of customers who have eagerly awaited this capability. With this feature, broadcasters gain a new level of flexibility and accessibility in delivering their content.

Recognizing the growing importance of accurate timekeeping and synchronization in radio broadcasting, we at 2wcom have gone a step further by integrating a GPS module into our products. This addition ensures precise timing, facilitating seamless transitions between various broadcast sources and enabling uninterrupted operation in complex network environments. The integrated GPS module will be available in the newest versions of 2wcom MPX products, guaranteeing exceptional performance for broadcasters in the ever-evolving industry.

With these remarkable updates, 2wcom Systems GmbH continues to cement its position as a leading provider of advanced solutions for radio broadcasting. The MPX-2c and MPX-2ds, embody the company’s commitment to deliver products that exceed customer expectations.

To learn more about these updates and how they can elevate your broadcasting capabilities, get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team. Discover firsthand why broadcasters worldwide are embracing these advancements and how they can revolutionize your radio broadcasting experience.

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