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2wcom Sales Team

Werner Drews

Our experienced CEO supports major projects and manages key accounts, driving our company's growth and success

Leif Cipriani

Combining extensive technical expertise with a proactive approach to solution finding, our visionary CTO provides strategic consultation, driving innovation and empowering businesses for future success

Anke Schneider

Global Sales Team
Possessing a deep understanding of these regions, Anke specializes in key markets such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Latin America, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Turkey

Berry Eskes

Global Sales Team
With an extensive reach, Berry handles a diverse portfolio encompassing the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Italy, North Africa, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Asia, including India and China

Sönke Schmidt

Global Sales Team
Sönke captivates his audiences across Germany, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, and Portugal with his charismatic and knowledgeable communication skills

Steve Paulson

US Sales Representative

Ted Nahil

US Sales Representative

Gyde Erichsen

Global Sales Team
Gyde is our newest addition and brings fresh energy and a strong software focus to our sales team

Arne Borsum

DAB+ Expert
Meet our go-to authority on all things DAB and DAB+ audio. With unmatched expertise in this field, he is the ultimate resource for any customer seeking guidance, advice, or technical support regarding DAB and DAB+ audio technologie

Markus Drews

up2talk Sales Expert
Introducing Markus, the visionary behind up2talk - our remote production software. As the mastermind of this innovative solution, he not only transforms the way we collaborate and produce content remotely but also serves as your go-to expert for any questions or inquiries you may have

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