2wcom and Jump2Go Develop RDS2.0 Encoder

September, 2016

Designed for all RDS2 applications (the new industry standard introduced in 2015), the RDS2.0 encoder is backward compatible with existing RDS receivers. The release of this innovative unit represents a step forward in data transmission technology.

The RDS2.0 Encoder is the first RDS encoder to feature an internal FM receiver for the verification of all RDS activities. Real-time configuration and monitoring of the encoder’s activity is available via web interfaces as part of Jump2Go’s data management system.

RDS2 technology uses three additional data subcarriers in addition to the existing carrier, and reduces many limitations of the existing RDS standard by increasing the usable data transmission capacity by a factor of 10 to 20. This permits station identifiers to reach a maximum of 32 characters versus the current eight characters.

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