Product Lifecycle Announcement

2wcom Systems GmbH presents new migration strategy for discontinued products

Our key focus of our product innovation strategy is the development of next generation solutions that address the evolving broadcast technology and customer demands. This evolution involves not only the introduction of new products and technologies, but also the discontinuation of products that reached the end of their lifecycle.

The persistent shortage in the procurement of components played its part in accelerating this process. With appropriate planning in advance, we have succeded in establishing successor products that can be used as full replacements.

End of Life Information and Succession Strategy

C02 RDS Encoder
C04 RDS Encoder
FM2TS FM to TS Gateway
DSR01 DVB Satellite Receiver
FlexDSR02+ 2-channel Satellite Receiver
FlexDSR04+ 4-channel Satellite Receiver
FlexNsert DAB+ Distribution Inserter
FlexXtract DAB+ Distribution Extractor

End of Sales and Support Strategy

2wcom will be discontinuing sales of the listed products and use its remaining stock of key components for repairs. New spare parts can be obtained as long as components and materials are available. In any case, technical support will remain available for our customers.

Migration Strategy

2wcom is committed to supporting our extensive worldwide base of valued customers. The discontinued products can be replaced by comparable products.

The suggested successors cover the basic functionality of the discontinued products. Moreover, the new products come with powerful additional features and are the best choice for a scalable and future-proof solution.

Green Footprint LogoDue to adjustments in the production process, upgrades of parts and optimizations in hardware and software, our devices boast lower power consumption and are therefore significantly more environmentally friendly.

If you wish to replace or complement existing setups, or if you would like to know how to integrate our new products in your environment, please do not hesitate and contact our sales team to speak about the best approach to meet your needs.

MPX-1g – flexible Solution for FM-RDS

The MPX-1g with RDS Encoder module is a fully functional replacement of the 2wcom C02 and C04 RDS Encoders. Adding scalable additional features, it integrates seamlessly in existing and new FM-RDS distribution chains.

It supports the dynamic generation of a full-featured RDS signal. It integrates seamlessly in existing and new FM transmitter systems and can act as a stand-alone RDS Encoder.

Moreover, the MPX-1g combines modular elements to generate components of the whole FM-MPX composite signal depending on the use case. Accordingly, it can be extended to a complete FM-MPX generator including stereo coding, RDS encoding and pilot. To meet growing requirements, versatile input and output options are available, including Audio over IP inputs, MPX/μMPX over IP and a DAB+ receiver for re-broadcasting.

For more information visit the Productpages or contact us directly below.

SAT-4d and SAT-4da

The FlexDSR02+ and FlexDSR04+ Satellite Receivers have been demonstrating their superior functionality and reliability in numerous installations worldwide. With the SAT-4d and SAT-4da Satellite Receivers, 2wcom has introduced suitable and uncompromised successors for audio over satellite distribution links.

Based on the know-how derived from the FlexDSR series, and customer requirements, the SAT-4d and SAT-4da offer uncompromised and reliable reception of up to 4 or 8 audio feeds respectively. The devices offer superior audio quality supporting all relevant audio coding formats. Advanced transmission robustness and redundancy features increase the reliability in the field.

DAB-4c and DAB-4s – robust distribution for DAB networks

2wcom’s FlexNsert+ and FlexXtract+ have proven their capabilities in DAB broadcast network distribution for many satisfied customers. The successors DAB-4c and DAB-4s EDI/ETI Converters enable a wide range of transmission paths with outstanding reliability and extensive format diversity for broadcasters and DAB network operators, who want to realize the distribution feed from the multiplexer to the broadcasting network via IP or Satellite.

DAB-4c and DAB-4s form the interface from the DAB headend to the transmitters and support required transmission paths as well as all necessary protocols, formats, and modulation types. Our products increase operational reliability for the customer through extensive redundancy options and robust transmission.


RF-10e – professional FM/DAB re-distribution Receiver and TS Gateway

The FM2TS – FM to MPEG TS Gateway is succeeded by the RF-10e, which can serve a number of applications such as audio transcoding for cable networks as well as re-encoding for Audio over IP (AoIP) and streaming.

The RF-10e is a 10-channel receiver for FM and DAB+. It encodes the received audio signals for distribution as Audio over IP, MPEG-2 TS or DVB-ASI.


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