2wcom Highlights latest Product Innovations – Part One

The first part focuses on Audio over IP and MPX over IP and Satellite. 

Whether containerized or as a box, the MoIN Multimedia over IP Network server offers advantages like vast scalability, usage-oriented pricing models, optimized rack space and flexibility in application. The integrated features facilitate the handling of several use-cases – e.g.: The insertion of radio programs in cable networks is possible by transforming an Icecast stream to a DVB transport stream. The conversion of AoIP protocols and transcoding of audio codecs to the appropriate bitrate allows bridging studios and WANs. An SMPTE 2022 conform error protection or using SRT assures transmission robustness. Moreover, the server solution offers to directly feed a streaming encoder with audio for further distribution via a CDN…..

The company says, the new MPX products offer numerous system design options. It is based on customer requirements for MPX generation, manipulation, distribution and economic aspects. To connect the studio and the MPX link, inputs for analog audio, AES/EBU and Audio over IP are provided. Whereby all known standards for Audio over IP streaming, control and status query are supported. All main modules like stereo generator, RDS encoder or MPX codec are software based and easy to activate. For operators, this leads to a multitude of facilities…..

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