FM2TS FM to Transport Stream Gateway

FM2TS – FM to MPEG TS Gateway

Professional, flexible MPEG Encoding Gateway. FM DVB Transcoder for 8 FM radio channels

Audio over IP - FM2TS - frontAudio over IP - FM2TS - rear

There it a growing trend towards transmitting audio signals to existing system components and architectures using IP networks. With the FM2TS Gateway / Transcoder, you can cover a wide variety of broadcasting scenarios. To name a few: creating/transcoding multiple “FM / radio to MPEG-2” IP/ASI DVB transport streams (FM to TS, FM to IP) for providing FM audio to cable broadcasters (cable network operators / cable head-ends), streaming of FM channels for quality assurance, classical FM rebroadcasting or gap fillers.

Basic features include eight FM radio input channels, multiple and freely combinable TS outputs via ASI or FEC protected IP streaming and good large signal immunity. Additional key features include monitoring of FM and RDS parameters (PI, PS), alarm reporting via email, SNMP, web interface, as well as live multi-codec audio streaming for monitoring and other purposes with separate RDS data forwarding.


  • 1-8 channels, cost effective MPEG encoding to transport stream (MPTS/SPTS) via IP or ASI
  • 1-8 activatable FM Tuner modules with digital output for MPEG encoding, streaming
  • Optional: Multiple, free programmable, free combinable and redundant TS outputs (one additional IP data and ASI interface)
  • Optional: Advanced IP robustness with Pro-MPEG FEC
  • Programmable FM tuner parameters (soft mute, stereo to mono blending)
  • RDS data forwarding
  • Streaming via IP (RTP, UDP Unicast/Multicast) or ASI
  • Decoding of all RDS parameters including TMC and RT+ messages and conversion into UECP per channel (Ver. 6.+ compliant) for RDS forwarding


  • Integrated web server for easy setup and simple control via standard web browser

Monitoring and Alarm

  • SNMP, alarm, event logging
  • Monitoring of FM quality parameters and RDS signal parameters (PI, PS)
  • Alarm reporting via: e-mail, SNMP, web interface, activation of relay contacts
  • Audio live streaming for monitoring (MPEG 1/2, AAC-LC/LD, HE-AAC) via IP port


  • Large signal immunity: Up to 120dBuV RF input
  • Energy efficient DSP based 24/7 broadcast quality (no fans, no HDD)
  • RDS decoding (built in RDS/UECP decoder)
  • ***Embedded auxiliary data (RBDS/RDS or PAD) and GPIO forwarding
Datasheet for FM2TS gateway (PDF, 650kb)