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2wcom’s SIRC Improves Regionalized Remote Management

The new Google Maps feature of 2wcom’s Satellite In-band Remote Control (SIRC) browser lets broadcasters carry out commands and reports per region. Using the SIRC web interface, users can define any number of locations and associated regions (“shapes”) for a country on Google Maps. The interface allows operators to select an entire view or a specific location by filter.

Radio World: Easy remote Monitoring of your A30 FM Monitoring Receiver Fleet

Flensburg, Germany – According to 2wcom, it’s A30 monitoring, and remote management solution enables operators to manage and evaluate all A30 monitoring receivers in one-stop via an easy to use integrated location/device management. For example, says the firm, FM and RDS parameters of all A30 receivers in the field can be collected or RDS group parameters and RDS group statistics can be displayed.        

Radio World’s Market Place introducing the HDR Capture Client

„Delivering additional HD Radio channels has never been so easy.“ Says Leif Cipriani, CTO at 2wcom. The HD Radio Capture Client (HDR-CC) fits perfectly with Generation 4 HD Radio systems. For a very affordable price, it can take in one digital or analog stereo audio channel and provide it to an Importer. The audio is sent compressed with an HD Radio codec via IP. That enables setups where the supplemental channels like HD2, HD3, or HD4 can be located remotely from the Importer.


2-channel FM-MPX over IP decoder with integrated satellite tuner


1-channel FM-MPX over IP codec with µMPX option

2wcom Debuts the HDR-CC Capture Client

Delivering additional HD Radio channels has never been so easy”. The HD Radio Capture Client (HDR-CC) fits perfectly with Generation 3 or 4 HD Radio systems. For a very affordable price, it can take in one digital or analog stereo audio channel and provide it to an Importer.


2-channel FM-MPX over IP codec with short delay and monitoring functions


HDR-CC an HD Radio Capture Client    

2wcom starts the Audio over IP webinar series

2wcom is very pleased to invite you to the first session of the Audio over IP webinar series – tips, tricks, and knowledge. Mr. Berry Eskes starts the webinar with a little warm-up and presents how (software-based) Audio over IP solutions supports audio broadcast use-cases.  Leif Cipriani takes up the thread directly to point out on the Audio over IP basics and how to transcode standards or protocols such as AES67, Livewire+, Dante, or Wheatnet. Take your chance to improve your know-how on some real live samples. When? Mr. Berry Eskes and Leif Cipriani will present real live use-cases, Audio over IP basics and essentials of transcoding on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 at 10 am CEST and on Thursday, August 13th, 2020 at 4 pm CEST. For whom? The webinar aims at professionals familiar with the basics of audio over IP, such as system designers, project managers, engineers, technical purchasers, semi-technical and technical persons. Please feel free to forward the invitation to colleagues also interested in Audio over IP. Interested to participate? Be fast to secure your place in the webinar because it is limited to 30 participants. Please click one of the following links. Wednesday, the 12th of August 2020, at 10 am CEST Thursday, the 13th of August 2020, at 04 pm CEST

Digital Networks Must Facilitate Operations

These days most studios run their AoIP networks to produce audio content. In theory, keeping the studio’s contribution separate from distribution offers flexibility at all sites; and separating the audio portion from transmitting sources such as satellite, DAB+ or IP provides various benefits. Practically speaking, it’s now necessary to change perspective: IP offers broadcasters significantly more flexibility for the transmission of content, so more and more broadcasters and recording studios are deciding to expand IP-based networks. But broadband and fiber optic are growing at very different rates internationally. So in addition to the use of IP-based structures, flexible alternative  distribution paths must be available. This leads to the question of how best to link contribution and distribution.

Cancelled: IBC 2020

IBC 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid-19. Read here the official statement:

Agility Is Key to Our Success

Radio World’s interview published in the “Meet the Makers” ebook starts with a short company introduction. Werner Drews is the general manager and founder of 2wcom Systems, headquartered in Flensburg, Germany. It opened in 1995 and has grown to become one of the top companies in the world providing RDS system solutions, serving large broadcasters like Media-Broadcast Germany, Telenor, Swisscom, and ORS.

Radio World Announces Virtual Show Floor

NAB 2020 is postponed but the show must go on. Radio World transfers the NAB show to a spring show @ home. We are glad to participate and thereby have the chance to reach our customers and partners.

On current events – 2wcom remains operational

On current events: trade shows and fairs have been postponed; many businesses are forced to shut down activities. Luckily no 2wcom employee or their families were infected by corona and the whole 2wcom-team remains operational. Thank you to all customers, partners, suppliers, and the whole 2wcom family for supporting us during these difficult times. The 2wcom team has taken precautions and remains operational during the coming months. Many of us are working from home to reduce the risk of possible contagion in the office and to be able to continue our work regardless of the current situation. This also helps those colleagues that are needed for “hands-on” tasks like production and hardware support/repairs. We’ve also implemented all measures advised by local and federal health authorities, like keeping distance, disinfecting surfaces and door handles, meticulous hand washing, etc. While only some of us are physically in the office, you will most likely not even notice it. Our communication tools are not location-based, so we can keep in touch, meet online and work remotely, without the need to be in the office in person. If you have been in contact with any member of our team, you can still use the same telephone numbers to reach us. We are determined to get through the current situation as smoothly as possible while giving you the same level of support you are used to when dealing with us. Nevertheless, we have to deal with issues beyond our control. Parts of our products are produced in other parts of the world and their production is down or has only just resumed. In order for you and for us to still be able to realize projects, please share your forecast with us, so that we can make sure you get your orders when you need them. If you have any inquiries about our current lead times, please feel free to contact us. The Corona crisis has us firmly in its grip and the 2wcom team expects to live for a while with the resulting challenges – mentally and in daily operations. The 2wcom team is sending their warmest regards & please take care

Radio World’S NAB Sneak Peek: 2wcom Debuts HDR-CC

Even NAB is postponed the show still goes on. 2wcom has developed the HDR-CC, an HD Radio capture client for the delivery of additional HD Radio channels. The company explains that by using the unit, users can set-up the importer IP address and diretly connect audio to the small box’s XLR connectors. The box is able to accept one digital or analog stereo audio channel and provide it to an importer.

2wcom Highlights latest Product Innovations – Part One

The first part focuses on Audio over IP and MPX over IP and Satellite.  Whether containerized or as a box, the MoIN Multimedia over IP Network server offers advantages like vast scalability, usage-oriented pricing models, optimized rack space and flexibility in application. The integrated features facilitate the handling of several use-cases – e.g.: The insertion of radio programs in cable networks is possible by transforming an Icecast stream to a DVB transport stream. The conversion of AoIP protocols and transcoding of audio codecs to the appropriate bitrate allows bridging studios and WANs. An SMPTE 2022 conform error protection or using SRT assures transmission robustness. Moreover, the server solution offers to directly feed a streaming encoder with audio for further distribution via a CDN….. The company says, the new MPX products offer numerous system design options. It is based on customer requirements for MPX generation, manipulation, distribution and economic aspects. To connect the studio and the MPX link, inputs for analog audio, AES/EBU and Audio over IP are provided. Whereby all known standards for Audio over IP streaming, control and status query are supported. All main modules like stereo generator, RDS encoder or MPX codec are software based and easy to activate. For operators, this leads to a multitude of facilities…..

Radio World eBook: Cross-Media Adoption Unites Media Production, Distribution

The way people consume media content is changing significantly. Like the expansion of IP, this greatly influences the convergence of media production and distribution units for radio, video and the internet. Broadcasters, therefore, have the chance to adapt to the transitioning media-consumption behavior and use it to their advantage. Target group orientation: Keep in mind that besides the attractive younger audience, it‘s crucial to offer each target group the content they want, whether mobile or stationary. Cost and time efficiency: By treating a contribution as a cross-media project, the video, radio and internet units are no longer separated. Expand the value chain and encourage interaction: Cross-media content production and distribution means all playout sources can refer to each other. This leads to significantly higher coverage. Moreover, by integration on social networks, the opportunities of interaction with the audience increase. Both aspects include the chance of deploying new marketing formats. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES Results of these developments include international projects such as 3GPP and 5G-Xcast. The latter is designed to build a universal and multidirectional IP network for efficient large-scale media distribution via 5G-Xcast. The project focuses on the dynamic switching between unicast, multicast and broadcast and also enables spectrum-efficient distribution of program content to a large number of simultaneous users with only one stream. End users can receive reliable live and linear high-quality content without burdening their mobile data contingent. With a view toward the future, 5G-Xcast will allow national and private  broadcasters to launch new on-demand formats or offer interacting facilities, besides classical linear content. The transformation to cross-media production can only be achieved with a solid technical foundation.

European Radio Show 2020

The European Radio Show 2020 is coming up next in Paris. We are looking forward to meeting you! 2020-01-23 – 2020-01-25 La Grande Halle de la Villette Booth A16 You can schedule your appointment using our contact form.

How to Future-Proof Your DAB Network

The speed in which DAB is implemented around the world depends mostly on a country’s government. National broadcasters must then follow the call for digital switchover where it’s been decided. This means present and future efforts as regards budget and organization of the various parts of the infrastructure are in place. It also means broadcasters need to organize themselves accordingly to ensure adequate operation of their entire network — from contribution to the studio and from the headend to transmitter sites.  

Invitation – Lunch & Learn with 2wcom at SBE meeting in New York

Please save the date: Tuesday, 29th October 2019 at The Green Space in New York from 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Green Space! Meet Leif Cipriani, Sales Engineer of 2wcom! Your chance to get to know the new 4audio IP series and learn more what the firm is doing with modern STL and AoIP codecs AoIP codecs or about standards like AES67, SMTE ST2110, EBU Tech 3326 or SRT. Where: The Greene Space, Entrance at 44 Charlton Street at the corner of Varick Street, New York, NY 10013 How to get there: Easy access by Subway 1 (Houston Street) or Subway C and E (Spring Street)

2wcom at Audio-Network Forum on 13th of November 2019 in Hamburg

Please save the date! Hans Hansen is 2wcom’s speaker and will explain how to manage the challenge of compatibility in expanded infrastructures. The all-day seminar on IP audio networks will take place at the SAE Institute in Hamburg. The event is thematically linked to the very successful first Forum, which took place last year. An optional opening session in the morning introduces all participants on the basic knowledge of IP networks. Therefore, the event is aimed both at beginners and advanced users. Opening session (optional) 09.30 – 10.45 basic knowledge of Audio over IP networks AES67/SMPTE ST2110, Andreas Hildebrand (ALC) Seminar 11.45 – 12.45 From small to big: Design aspects of the new All-IP building at Schweizer Fernsehen in Zurich, Stefan Ledergerber (Simplexity) 12.45 – 13.15 Lunch 13.15 – 14.00 How to increase compatibility in mixed networks, Hans Heinrich Hansen (2WCOM) 14.00 – 14.45 AES67 and Ravenna in cross-linked studios and as monitoring solution, Maurice Engler (Merging)/Thomas Römann (Digital Audio Service) 14.45 – 15.15 Coffee break 15.15 – 16.00 Secure Connection Management for AES67 and ST2110, Arne Bönninghoff (Riedel Communications) 16.00 – 17.00 AVB/Milan operated networks, Marc Schettke 17.00 – 17.45 A practical study of audio networks in the live segment with Dante, Arthur Koll (Yamaha) Venue and Directions

Radio World’s Summer of Products

DAB+ operation in expanded networks that use EDI and ETI multiplexers as sources can prove challenging. Implementing legacy ETI and EDI transmitters in parallel as well as operating DAB in already existing infrastructures not intended for DAB (e.g. DVB-S/S2 or ASI) may also cause obstacles. 2wcom says that its new DAB-4c converter addresses these issues and offers several features that are designed to help users easily navigate switchover phase. 2wcom says the recently launched Linux-based MoIN multimedia over IP network server eases the day-to-day work of network operators. The server is available as hardware or virtualized software. Its new and advanced technological concept assures outstanding flexibility in application.

IBC 2019

The IBC 2019 is coming up next in Amsterdam. We are looking forward to meeting you! 2019-09-13 – 2019-09-17 RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands Hall 8, booth 8.E78 You can schedule your appointment using our contact form.

2wcom’s ‘Absolute SAT or IP Flexibility’

2wcom’s Satellite product range offers flexibility, reliability for the entire radio signal transmission chain. All devices are equipped with interfaces for SAT and IP/ASI to switch automatically to the best signal source available in case of failure. Since all common codec algortithms are supported, this homogenous solution enables broadcasters to distribute a radio programm nationwide, and at the same time to schedule and transmit regional programme content, advertisment or RDS data. read more ..

IP and its effects on cross-media workflows

On the one hand, the members of a team built by experts of all media categories must be enabled to work on productions purely conceptually without focusing on any medium in special – example given: a sound engineer who has so far produced radio broadcasts must now know how to prepare the audio content for the Internet or television, which codec algorithms to use, which protocols and which detailed configurations. For the future, this can mean that a radio program is not only recorded for audio playout, but is also filmed, so that listeners can hear and watch a radio program via the station’s website or its Facebook page. On the other hand, solutions must be found to meet the varying requirements for editorial preparation, sound quality, transmission path, coding algorithm, transmission protocols, transmission security, redundancy concept or even bandwidth economy. read more ..

2wcom Manages A30 Networks

Flensburg, Germany – According to 2wcom, its A30 monitoring and remote management solution enables operator to manage and evaluate all A30 monitoring receivers in one stop via an easy to use integrated location / device managagement. For example, says the firm, FM and RDS parameters of all A30 receivers in the field can be collected or RDS group parameters and RDS group statistics can be displayed. read more ..    

Handling DAB+ Projects in Complex and Critical Environments

Goodbye to FM: Norway’s national radio service has become the first in the world to switch from FM to DAB+. More European countries are about to follow suit; but how to deal with legacy equipment or complex and critical environments remains an important question. Before we look at the possible system solutions, I would like to briefly explain the basic principles for the transmission of DAB+ under ideal conditions. read more …

State of Play – Integration of IP in German Broadcast Networks

Transmission over IP networks offers broadcasters the possibility of interconnecting radio, video and internet perfectly. As a result, some radio stations and recording studios are already fully equipped for live streaming. Especially smaller studios as well as newer, more modern radio stations are absolute pioneers, simply because IP transmission is significantly more cost-effective than older ISDN based solutions. Looking at the newer, more modern radio stations IP streaming offers indeed attractive possibilities to interact with their target group optimally e.g. via Facebook or YouTube. But some broadcasters are still using conventional transmission techniques – reasons why: The existing technology is still working and there is no need of purchasing new equipment. The roll-out of the broadband and fiber-optic networks is still incomplete. As a result, transmission via IP is not yet possible everywhere in Germany. Until recently, it was simply hard to imagine using DSL lines in content distribution in a reliable, uninterrupted way. Some stations do have target-groups that are interested in using web services or mobile devices read more …

IBC365 – IP opportunities: German broadcadters’ real world usage

Transmitting via IP offers broadcasters the possibility of interconnecting radio, video and internet perfectly, writes 2wcom Chief Executive Werner Drews. With this background, some radio stations and recording studios are already fully equipped for live streaming. Small Studios or even young, modern radio stations are pioneers, simply because IP transmission is significantly more cost-effective and offers attractive possibilities to interact with their target group optimally for example via Facebook or YouTube. read more …

2wcom’s New Products Ease Challenges of Audio Broadcast Systems

2wcom’s latest product line is being presented at IBC2018 on stand 8.E78….. Based on the know-how and experience, plus customer requirements, all solutions are designed for studio-to-studio links and even for cross-media working. The MM04C codec (four channels) and the MoIN Server (up to 512 channels) offer high compatibility to all interfaces and support a range of protocols for streaming, control and status (e.g. EBU TECH 3326, AES67, RAVENNA, Livewire+, Dante, SMPTE ST 2110, SRT, PTPv2, RTSP, SAP, SIP, Discovery, Bonjour, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, or Ember+ and many more). read more …

IBC SNEAK PEEK: 2wcom Launches MM04C

Designed to ease the broadcaster’s increasing cross-media tasks 2wcom will be highlighting its new MM04C AoIP codec at IBC2018. The company says the unit is a one-stop-solution based on the know-how it has gained from work on the MM01 AoIP codec and MM08E encoder. Developed for STL and SSL applications, the MM04C is specifically designed to ease the broadcaster’s increasing daily cross-media tasks. read more ..

Meet 2wcom FM, Cable, SAT and AoIP products at Broadcast Asia and at Angacom

May, 2017 2wcom Systems will be pleased to present the extensive portfolio for SAT, AoIP, FM and DAB+ by offering high quality encoders, decoders, codecs, modulators and demodulators. The complete end-to- end solutions imply comprehensive redundancy and backup possibilities. Characteristically is a wide range of system settings for managing multiple network interfaces and simplicity in configuration by web interface or jog wheel. 2wcom introduces some state-of-the-art product highlights: MM08E – Eight-channel MPEG Encoder: for absolute flexibility in dealing with SAT or IP environments. The MM08 encodes all common audio algorithms (Enhanced apt-X, AAC, MPEG I/II Layer 2/3, PCM) as well as RDS data. Additionally the Encoder generates multiple streams independently. Transmission of ancillary data and switching contact information (GPIO) can be forwarded via integrated interfaces. Activation of additional hardware channels can be managed easily and convenient via software update. Very clever and cost-efficient! Two hot swapping slide-in power supplies are ensuring operation without interruption. The whole package is rounded out by offering functions for quality management, controlling and monitoring. FlexDSR04+ Professional Satellite Receiver: well known for broadcasting of local content, diverse back-up solutions and its comprehensive functionalities regarding monitoring applications. The long-established IRD SAT Receiver is equipped with state-of-the art technology.  It is possible to handle transport streams via satellite (DVB-S/S2), ASI input and IP, while also managing elementary audio streams and Icecast streams via IP. Processing all common coding algorithms like Eapt-X, AAC, MPEG I/II Layer 2/3 or PCM, the multipurpose device includes a sophisticated concept for audio quality and redundancy options (Pro-MPEG FEC and DualStreaming to avoid IP packet losses). Furthermore, the FlexDSR04+ detects and switches over automatically to the best signal source available. FM2TS – Eight-channel Gateway / Transcoder: a versatile partner for various fields of applications, which creates and transcodes single transport streams (SPTS) as well as multiple transport streams (MPTS). Cable Network Operators integrate the FM2TS to convert regional FM-radio programs into MPEG-2 transport streams for further processing in their cable head-ends infrastructure. Radio Broadcaster can stream up to eight FM channels for quality assurance as part of a FM monitoring solution. Additionally highlights are an SFP connection for optical fiber application (optional), RDS data forwarding and an antenna switching matrix. Company-Profile: 2wcom is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional audio broadcast products. Werner Drews (Managing Director) expresses the company philosophy and passion “We would like to contribute to the success of our customers not only by providing high-quality, versatile and highly reliable products, but also by offering the best possible support and advice. Our solutions are future-oriented and can be flexibly integrated into existing system environments. Worldwide customers of 2wcom benefit from our long time experience, competence, first-class customer service and quality “Made-in-Germany”. The 2wcom headquarter is located in Flensburg (Northern Germany) and the base of our global dealer network.

2wcom Chosen by Swedens Teracom

January, 2017 2wcom announced that it has delivered more than 500 MM01 AoIP codecs and 120 FlexMon FM02 FM demodulators to Swedish transmission provider Teracom for audio signal encoding and demodulation of its nationwide FM network. Teracom specializes in radio and television broadcasting, transmission capacity for data connections, colocation and services. The company manages the country’s terrestrial digital broadcasts, which covers 99.8 percent of the population. Sara Lundkvist, Teracom’s FM radio technical specialist, says the company opted for 2wcom’s MM01 solution because it was the only codec on the market able to meet its rigorous standards and to ensure high quality radio transmissions. “After in-depth study of available products on the market, we chose the 2wcom MM01,” said Lundkvist. “The MM01 offers a flexible, all in one encoder and decoder solution with redundancy and monitoring functions, and it fits our requirements perfectly.” Teracom needed a versatile multi-role solution for AoIP contribution and distribution that offered high quality audio along with state of the art security. The MM01 provides just that: low latency via PCM, transparent mode as a software option, transmission without delay and a 192 kHz sample rate for MPX. It also features dual streaming and Pro MPEG FEC. In addition, the MM01 provides users with advanced redundancy capability and monitoring functions along with the ability to integrate into diverse infrastructures. MM01’s audio synchronization, delivered to microsecond accuracy, also makes it suitable for applications where precise timing is essential, such as SFN FM networks. “We are pleased that Teracom is relying on our technology and incorporating the MM01 in such an important project in Sweden, said Werner Drews, managing director of 2wcom. “We look forward to pursuing our cooperation with them in the future.” About Teracom Teracom is a terrestrial broadcast transmission service provider. The company, owned by the state of Sweden, maintains all Swedish and Danish broadcast transmission sites and distributes all public and private, analog and digital terrestrial radio and TV channels. By simplifying workflows and network complexities, Teracom helps to improve the balance between content value and cost of production. This opens up new opportunities to connect live content to audiences worldwide. About 2wcom 2wcom develops professional broadcast products and solutions for audio over IP, audio over DVB-S/S2, DAB/DAB+ over satellite/IP, and FM/RDS. The complete end-to-end system solutions provide extensive redundancy and backup possibilities including high quality encoders, decoders, codecs, modulators, demodulators and an outstanding satellite IRD product range. 2wcom’s leading position in the market is based on 25 years of delivering technical innovation, quality and excellent 24/7 support to the broadcast industry. Its development and manufacturing headquarters are located in Germany, with a worldwide network of dealer partners.

Radio World International Marketplace – MM01 Funtionality

December, 2016 2wcom says its MM01 IP codec now supports EBU Tech 3326, Ravenna, Livewire and AES67 AoIP standards. Suitable for studio-to-transmitter link applications, studio-to-studio transmission, as well as broadcast and post production purpose, the MM01 is compatible with SDP, SIP, SAP, RTSP and PTPv2. read more …

Radio World – 2wcom introduces A30 for FM Monitoring

November, 2016 Flensburg, Germany – 2wcom’s A30 is the company’s newest monitoring device and successor to A20. Featuring additional power and flexibility, the system is equipped with two professional FM tuners capable of indepent operation. Operators can, for example, use the first tuner to monitor audio inputs (silence detection), while the second tuner monitors up to 30 broadcasting stations in scan mode. read more …

2wcom and Jump2Go Develop RDS2.0 Encoder

September, 2016 Designed for all RDS2 applications (the new industry standard introduced in 2015), the RDS2.0 encoder is backward compatible with existing RDS receivers. The release of this innovative unit represents a step forward in data transmission technology. The RDS2.0 Encoder is the first RDS encoder to feature an internal FM receiver for the verification of all RDS activities. Real-time configuration and monitoring of the encoder’s activity is available via web interfaces as part of Jump2Go’s data management system. RDS2 technology uses three additional data subcarriers in addition to the existing carrier, and reduces many limitations of the existing RDS standard by increasing the usable data transmission capacity by a factor of 10 to 20. This permits station identifiers to reach a maximum of 32 characters versus the current eight characters. read more …

IBC Daily

September, 2016 “At IBC we are focusing our attention on 2wcom’s new technology that takes transport one step further by letting broadcasters easily integrate AoIP and satellite technologies and switch from one stream to another, depending on their immediate needs.” —  Werner Drews, Managing Director of 2wcom 20160909 IBC Daily read more … 20160913 IBC Daily read more …

IBC: 2wcom Unveils AoIP MPEG Encoder

August, 2016 2wcom is showing its new MM08E eight-channel Audio over IP MPEG encoder, designed for in-house streaming, studio-to-transmitter link and studio-to-studio link applications, at IBC 2016. read more …

On The Show Floor… 2wcom Systems Streaming Into IBC2016

August, 2016 With another major trade show upcoming — IBC2016 in Amsterdam — companies are preparing their presentation packages for on and off floor activities as the event—2wcom Systems GmbH is going to focus their attention on their new technology that takes transport one step further by enabling broadcasters to easily integrate AoIP and satellite technologies and switch from one stream to another, depending on their immediate needs, according to Werner Drews, the Managing Director of 2wcom. read more …

2wcoms FlexDSR Facilitates Transport Technologies

August, 2016 2wcoms innovative FlexDSR state-of-the art STL technology allows operators to receive audio streams via satellite or IP, depending on their requirements and the best quality source available. Particularly suited for dual-stream applications, FlexDSR is a satellite receiver that also serves as a complete AoIP system. The multi-faceted solution, ideal for mixed environments, automatically detects and switches to the best quality source satellite or IP. The system, which cleverly combines transport technologies, facilitates the reception of transport streams or elementary audio streams via IP with Pro-MPEG FEC and DualStreaming protection against IP packet losses. read more …

2wcom Debuts A30 Monitoring Device

July, 2016 FLENSBURG, Germany—2wcom’s A20 monitoring is officially out of date, as the company has now introduced the new A30. The updated system features two professional FM tuners that can be used independently, allows for the configuration of station order and measurement time through a web interface. The A30 has multiple interfaces, including an analog or digital audio input, MPX input, two analog or digital audio MPX outputs, relays, GPIOs, SNMP and two parallel MP3 streams. read more …  

2wcom Increases Versatility for SkalaFM, RadioVLR

June, 2016 Denmarks SkalaFM and RadioVLR have installed 2wcoms CO2 RDS Encoders to enable the use of alternative PI codes, and switching to alternative frequencies for news and commercial breaks. SkalaFM and RadioVLR are both part of the Jyske Fynske Medier group which owns more than 70 newspapers and operates five radio stations serving a nationwide audience of over 700,000. By upgrading our infrastructure with 2wcoms CO2 RDS Encoders we can achieve a much more dynamic operation with the versatility that comes from using multiple frequencies, and greater efficiency, said Morten Petersen, Technical Manager at of SkalaFM. Read the complete article …