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Your trusted partner for professional broadcast products

With more than 20 years of proven track record 2wcom is an established worldwide manufacturer and supplier of professional broadcast products in the fields of Audio over IP, FM, RDS, DAB, DAB+, DVB-S, DVB-S2. We offer complete DVB-S/S2 Audio / IP Satellite System solutions from end to end – including professional Encoders, Modulators and a highly reliable IRD product range.

Werner Drews, Founder of 2wcom, explains the company’s philosophy as follows: “It is our ambition to contribute to our customer’s business success with future oriented high quality products. We are developing with and for our customers. All of our professional and sophisticated products are being designed and manufactured at 2wcom in Flensburg – Made in Germany.”

The former Rohde & Schwarz development engineer Werner Drews took over the FM/RDS product range from Rohde & Schwarz in 1996. With the buyout of this field of business 2wcom GmbH started its technological leadership in the field of FM/RDS. Development and production of 2wcom products is centered in Schleswig-Holstein/Germany, where 2wcom is headquartered.

01. August 2011: Takeover of 2wcom GmbH (2wcom) by Wilhelm Sihn Jr. GmbH & Co. KG (WISI) and change of name into 2wcom Systems GmbH.

Businessland Schleswig-Holstein

2wcom Systems GmbH is located in Flensburg / Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost of the sixteen states of Germany. Do you want to know more about the latest news from the world of business, science and technology in Schleswig-Holstein? will keep you informed about what’s going on in the business state of Schleswig-Holstein.

“Technologiezentrum Flensburg”

Since more than 25 years the Technologiezentrum Flensburg supports young Startups in founding their company and provides experienced consultants along with office space for the first years of a company. Sitting next door to other companies offers various possibilites of connecting and exchanging expertise in a cooperative environment. Young companies can learn the fundamentals to be successful in the future and achieve success in their market: just like 90 percent of the companies that started in the Technologiezentrum Flensburg. Connecting economy and science within the scope of innovation sponsorships brings people together and furthers the transfer of technology. All that takes place in the Technologiezentrum Flensburg.

DiWiSH: Cluster management Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein

The cluster management “Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein” (DiWiSH) is a network for all small-scale and medium-sized enterprises in the sectors IT, media and design in the region between North Sea and Baltic Sea. The organization works closely together with “Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH” (WTSH) since 2006.

RAVENNA – The open standard for real-time media over IP

RAVENNA is an open solution for transmitting audio over IP. Designed to meet the exacting standards of the Broadcast industry, RAVENNA delivers high-quality, multi-channel audio over a standard IT network.

The open standard for real-time media over IP

Livewire+ – The world most advanced AoIP Networking

Livewire+ is the pioneering technology invented by the Telos Alliance to convey low-delay, high-reliability audio over switched Ethernet.

EBU – Audio contribution over IP (ACIP)

To deliver high-quality audio feeds over the Internet, broadcasters rely on streaming audio over IP networks. To ensure quality and reliability over IP, broadcasters must consider a number of factors, including: forward error correction, diversity, low latency, error correction, redundancy and robust encoding/decoding. Most commercial buildings now have Ethernet cabling, so it is easier to create IP links. However, it is critical that broadcasters ensure their provider is aware of the quality of service necessary for contribution-quality TV links | more …

RDS Forum

2wcom is member of the RDS Forum since 1996: 
The RDS Forum is a worldwide association of professional users of RDS technology. The members are representatives of broadcasters, manufacturers of receivers and professional equipment, transmission operators, data service providers, professional associations and regulating authorities. 

RDS Forum

SADIBA – Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association

SADIBA (the Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association) is a voluntary industry forum dedicated to promoting the co-ordinated market driven introduction of digital broadcasting technologies in the Southern African region.

SADIBA (Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association)


Social engagements and endorsements

2wcom is involved into various projects with sporting, cultural or educational background to help and assist societies and associations within our region.

Barcamp Flensburg

During this local event in Flensburg more than 150 attendees participate in more than 30 open topic sessions to impart or extend their know-how. The subjects for the event are diverse, the expertise exchange is intense and the possibilities to network are very versatile.

Barcamp. Is a “(No-)Conference”, that means it is an open session, which is intended to provide the possibility to discuss one or multiple topics in a loose and natural environment.

Session.  The core of a Barcamp are its discussion sessions with approximately 45 minutes duration. Usually a session moderator initiates the session by invigorating the discussion about a certain topic.

Session planning. The agenda will be created just on the conference day, directly after the participants suggest their topics and elect some of them to be session topics.

Hashtag (#). The entire event can be followed using Twitter with the hashtag: #bcfl17