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DAB Contribution

Studio-to-Headend Audio Delivery Unveiled

16.05.2024 – 10:00 CEST

Our experts will navigate the complexities of delivering studio feeds to the DAB headend, offering practical insights for broadcasters, system integrators, and network operators. Discover the diverse audio sources and robust transport solutions available, with a focus on the efficiency brought by Audio over IP (AoIP) and dedicated DAB+ encoders. Additionally, don’t miss the live demo showcasing these features in action. Gain valuable knowledge to elevate your DAB infrastructures with 2wcom’s expertise.


Arne Borsum
Tork Niendorf

Webinar Recordings

MPX / µMPX / Composite Signal

Decoding the World of µMPX with 2wcom: Breaking Barriers in Hardware and the Cloud

13.03.2024 – 10:00 AM CET and 11:00 AM EST

Join us in this groundbreaking webinar as we unravel the pros and cons of embedded and cloud-based µMPX encoding, setting new standards for both hardware and cloud applications. Explore µMPX distribution via IP, Satellite, and the Cloud, gaining insights into the evolving landscape and diverse implementations worldwide. Don’t miss this opportunity to grasp a comprehensive understanding of µMPX in modern broadcasting!

Watch the recording:


Berry Eskes
Berry Eskes
Joost Schultke

Jutel Partner Webinar

Jutel + 2wcom: Radio Production and Distribution in the Cloud

21.03.2024 – 10:00 CET and 16:00 CET

Join our partners at Jutel for an exciting webinar on Cloud-Based Radio Broadcasting! Discover a user-friendly platform for seamless content management and distribution, with insights from 2wcom on Multimedia over IP Network (MoIN) as a cloud solution. 
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Watch the recording on the Jutel Channel:


Berry Eskes
Berry Eskes