SIRC - Comfortable remote network device management

SIRC – Satellite In-Band Remote Control

Comfortable remote network device management

SIRC - Comfortable remote network device management - frontSIRC - Comfortable remote network device management - rear

The 2wcom SIRC (Satellite In-Band Remote Control) Server is at the heart of the SIRC system. Its purpose is to prepare network control data that is later embedded in private or ancillary section in the transport stream. Alternatively, the server can communicate directly with the IRDs via TCP/IP. The server schedules and executes tasks and maintains the database containing the satellite-network devices and their states (versions, tasks, settings, audio content, etc.). The SIRC Server is completely accessible via web interface so it can be accessed via browser from any computer within the network. Thus, with SIRC as your network management system, you have the ideal tool for your quality control and management of audio, schedule and firmware files – while saving time and money.

Satellite In-Band Remote Control (SIRC)

Full-featured network management system (NMS)

  • Full control over every of your 2wcom digital satellite receivers in multiple IP or satellite networks using only one single headend
  • Comfortable and intuitive web interface
  • Automation of your firmware update process without losing control: Upload your new firmware to your receivers at any point of time and activate the new firmware at another specified point of time
  • Neatly arranged list displaying the health status of all your receivers
  • Interfaces with existing automation systems

Dynamic program management

  • Remotely switch the input sources and programs of your receivers and control what should be played at any time
  • Create time schedules for every single device or groups of devices
  • Different audio sources: Choose between prerecorded audio files from internal storage or live-stream via satellite, ASI or IP – the input source switch can be performed automatically at your specified moment
  • Automated program switching using the time schedule

Regionalized advertising

  • You can use the dynamic program management to create regionalized ad campaigns
  • Administration of advertising times using the SIRC server


  • Using the optional “SIRC-IP Return Path” you can establish an extensive monitoring of your receivers
  • Everything at a glance: The central SIRC server shows the status of your devices neatly arranged in the web interface
  • Detailed information are provided via automatically generated health and affidavit reports. These XML-reports can easily be integrated in your existing (automation) system


  • Every command, configuration, data transfer and firmware update is CRC protected, enhancing the reliability of the network management system
  • Dual Channel Control: Control your devices via IP or satellite or both at the same time
  • The SIRC server can run on a native PC hardware or can be installed in a virtual environment

White Paper for SIRC Fleet Control