On current events – 2wcom remains operational

On current events: trade shows and fairs have been postponed; many businesses are forced to shut down activities.

Luckily no 2wcom employee or their families were infected by corona and the whole 2wcom-team remains operational. Thank you to all customers, partners, suppliers, and the whole 2wcom family for supporting us during these difficult times.

The 2wcom team has taken precautions and remains operational during the coming months. Many of us are working from home to reduce the risk of possible contagion in the office and to be able to continue our work regardless of the current situation. This also helps those colleagues that are needed for “hands-on” tasks like production and hardware support/repairs. We’ve also implemented all measures advised by local and federal health authorities, like keeping distance, disinfecting surfaces and door handles, meticulous hand washing, etc.

While only some of us are physically in the office, you will most likely not even notice it. Our communication tools are not location-based, so we can keep in touch, meet online and work remotely, without the need to be in the office in person. If you have been in contact with any member of our team, you can still use the same telephone numbers to reach us. We are determined to get through the current situation as smoothly as possible while giving you the same level of support you are used to when dealing with us.

Nevertheless, we have to deal with issues beyond our control. Parts of our products are produced in other parts of the world and their production is down or has only just resumed. In order for you and for us to still be able to realize projects, please share your forecast with us, so that we can make sure you get your orders when you need them. If you have any inquiries about our current lead times, please feel free to contact us.

The Corona crisis has us firmly in its grip and the 2wcom team expects to live for a while with the resulting challenges – mentally and in daily operations.

The 2wcom team is sending their warmest regards & please take care

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