Lost in the IBC Maze: 2wcom’s Marketing Manager’s Hilarious Debut

Prepare to embark on a humorous journey as we unveil the tale of 2wcom’s newest Marketing Manager, Mark, and his eventful road to IBC 2023. Little did he know that booking the usual booth would turn into a side-splitting adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Stepping into the role of Marketing Manager at 2wcom just a year ago, I was excited to face my first big challenge – rebooking our coveted booth at IBC. With a decade-long tradition of securing the same spot, I thought it would be a breeze. Little did I know that fate had other plans in store.

Let me take you on this unforgettable journey from my perspective. Hi, I’m Mark, the new Marketing Manager at 2wcom, and I’m here to share my humorous debut at IBC 2022 leading to IBC 2023.

Mark - Marketing Manager

Picture this – my CEO and the seasoned Sales Expert, Anke, had their schedules full during the booth rebooking day. So, there I was, all alone, striding confidently into the IBC offices, ready to mark my first success as a Marketing Manager. Oh, how wrong I was!

As I approached the booking area, I saw a long line of fellow exhibitors, seemingly eager to claim their spots. “No worries,” I thought, “We have the right to rebook our usual booth. It’ll be a piece of cake.” But as I glanced at the booth map on the TV, my heart sank – all the booths were bookable, not a single one marked as reserved. Panic began to set in.

In a flurry of calls, I reached out to Anke and the CEO, “The booth is taken!” I exclaimed, my voice quivering with nervousness. The IBC staff tried to explain the new point-based system, but it might as well have been an alien language to me in that moment. Suddenly, my first challenge as Marketing Manager felt like a wild rollercoaster.

Amidst the chaos, as I kept talking to the IBC staff, their own dissatisfaction and confusion with the new system became apparent. The uncertainty of our booth’s location every year now haunted us, threatening our long-standing tradition. Earning points through timely payments, continuous participation, and even paying for peculiar features – it was all a bit overwhelming. But amid the confusion and laughter, we found a silver lining – a bigger, more central booth, just one step away from our old location. With memories of our overcrowded booth from the previous year, we dared to take the leap and claimed our new space. Nevertheless, with humor and determination, we navigated through the unexpected twists and turns, ready to make IBC 2023 a memorable event for 2wcom and everyone involved.

As I am writing this, I still chuckle at our CTO, Leif Cipriani’s playful teasing, reminding me of my first big task, “You had one job, Mark! One job – go there, book the same booth as every year, easy! You had one job!” It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, but this experience has taught me valuable lessons about embracing change in the dynamic world of marketing and events.

IBC 2023 approaches and we embrace the unexpected changes with laughter and camaraderie, cherishing the wild ride filled with humorous mishaps and unforeseen challenges. With 2wcom’s spirit and dedication, our new, bigger booth will offer even more opportunities for customers and partners to get to know us! I’m grateful for my team’s unwavering support as we gear up for IBC 2023, and together, we’re excited to create unforgettable moments with our cherished customers and partners. Let’s make IBC 2023 an event to remember!

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