FMC01 MPX over IP Codec

FMC01 – FM MPX over IP Codec

FMC01 – FM MPX over IP Codec

FMC01 – FM MPX Codec (MPX over IP) - frontFMC01 – FM MPX Codec (MPX over IP) - rear

Reduce your costs

Connect your FM transmitter sites directly to your studio via MPX over IP.

Save devices

Only one Stereo Generator and one RDS Encoder is needed to feed transmitter sites directly from studio/headend.

Direct advantages

  • cost savings in purchasing, because less equipment is needed (no stereo-generator or RDS encoder needed anymore at the FM-TX sites)
  • production of the program and forwarding the FM MPX audio signal from one central location ( Play-Out center of the broadcaster )
  • eliminates costly processing of the modulation signal for every program at every single site
  • cost savings because of less power consumption – year by year
  • cost savings in infrastructure because of less space needed at the sites
  • cost savings in cooling costs – less equipment, less heat dissipation
  • cost savings due to short wiring
  • clearly arranged equipment, easily expandable
  • less equipment, safer operation, less maintenance

FM MPX distribution

  • High quality FM MPX distribution via IP
  • Optional: input source switch over in case of failure


  • High-end converter (ADC, DAC) for optimal quality
  • Optional: coder & decoder in the same equipment
  • Optional: fully integrated backup solution with automatic switch over in case of failure


  • Full online remote control of all parameters via IP
  • Configuration via web user interface for easy setup
  • Quick view status page for a fast overview
  • SNMP v2c, relays, inputs


  • 100% loss less audio encoding & decoding of MPX audio (mono, stereo) bands and RD(B)S band
  • Pro-MPEG FEC (Forward Error Correction) to reduce bit errors in data stream


  • Quality parameters via SNMP v2c and relay
  • FM demodulation with L+R XLR and headphone output
  • RDS monitoring and optional alarm control (PI, PS)

Sync FM

  • Prepared for synchronized FM transmission within FM single frequency networks (SFN)

Datasheet for FMC01 Codec (PDF, 710kb)