FM02 FM rebroadcast receiver FM demodulator


FlexMon FM02 Professional FM Monitoring Receiver

FlexMon FM02 Professional FM Monitoring Receiver - frontFlexMon FM02 Professional FM Monitoring Receiver - rear

The 2wcom FlexMon FM02 Professional FM Monitoring Receiver combines the functionality for the multiple roles of demodulation, source-switching and FM/RDS parameter measurement / monitoring.

As a professional fm monitoring receiver/demodulator, the FM02’s dual inputs can receive FM signals for rebroadcasting, monitoring, backup and alarming scenarios. An internal switch matrix changes between the inputs triggered by several states.

A passive and switchable loopthrough input for Audio and MPX allows high effective backups for input signals and mains breakdown. The large signal immunity, the mp3 live streaming and the comprehensive possibilities for RDS decoding round up the professional spectrum of the FM02.


  • Tuner with 2 RF antenna inputs
  • Measurement, control and alarm of FM & RDS signal parameters (RF level, audio, no pilot, PI, PS, no RDS sync, TA, no TA, Block error, station change, case temp)
  • Demodulation and control of different FM programs
  • Passive loopthrough for Audio or MPX with switch over matrix to FM signal triggered by RDS, SNMP or GPIO input
    • Insertion of an alarm program (e.g. emergency warning)
    • Insertion of a backup program (breakdown of main input, power failure)
  • RDS databridge (UECP RDS data output via DTE and UDP)


  • Integrated web server for easy setup and simple control via standard web browser

Monitoring and Alarm

  • Mp3 live streaming (MPEG 1/2, AAC-LC/LD, HE-AAC) via TCP/IP
  • SNMP, Alarm, Event Logging
  • Monitoring of FM quality parameters and RDS signal parameters
  • Alarm reporting via: Email, SNMP, web interface, activation of relay contacts, log


  • Large signal immunity: Up to 120 dBuV RF input
  • Energy efficient DSP based 24/7 broadcast quality (no Fans, no HDD)
  • RDS decoding (built in RDS/UECP decoder)
  • Optional: Internal memory (up to 32 Gigabyte) for logging TMC, RT, RT+, TA ; accessible via FTP
  • Optional: RDS Logger for continuous monitoring
  • Optional: Output of TMC messages in plain text (RDS Lab)

Datasheet for FM02 rebroadcast receiver