FlexNsertPlus DAB Distribution INserter

FlexNsert+ DAB+ Distribution Inserter

Timestamp generation for FM SFN Networks

FlexNsert - SFN capable ETI/ EDI to IP-TS/ASI or EDI converter - frontFlexNsert - SFN capable ETI/ EDI to IP-TS/ASI or EDI converter - rear

The commercial 2wcom FlexNsert+ DAB+ Distribution Inserter receives a DAB ETI data stream (according to EN 300799) or a DAB EDI data stream (according to TS 102 693). The FlexNsert+ DAB+ converts the data stream into a standard MPEG2-TS-signal and outputs it via its transport stream interfaces (IP/ASI).

Additionally, the FlexNsert+ may act as timestamp Inserter for SFN Networks. The generation of timestamps within the MPEG-stream is basis for a synchronized transmission at transmitter sites.

    • Data input
      • ETI: Standardized input stream from a DAB/DAB+/T-DMB multiplexer over a standardized 2Mbit link (E1).
      • EDI (optional): EDI performs data transmission via global IP network (ETI via IP). In contrast to ETI, there is no need for a dedicated line.
    • Transport stream output
      • ASI
      • Ethernet (ETI-TS)
        • Pro-MPEG FEC Practice #3 release 2
      • Ethernet (EDI)
        • Reed Solomon EDI-FEC, level 0-5 recommended (TS 102 821)
        • Dual streaming (optional)
        • Data spreading (optional)
  • Monitoring and Control
    • via web-based GUI
    • via Satellite In-Band Remote Control (SIRC)
      (e.g. changing configuration, firmware update, relay switching)
    • via SNMPv2c and relay (ETI/EDI parameters)
  • Conditional Access Decryption
    • On request
  • Advanced functions
    • 2wcom FlexOptimized Bandwidth Saving Technology (optional) – saving up to 45% of bandwidth
    • 2wcom FlexRegio Multiprogram Regionalisation Management (optional)
  • Timestamp generation for SFN Networks

Datasheet for FlexNsert+ DAB+ Distribution Inserter