2wcom Assists K-Net’s DAB Radio Triumph in Ghana!

Exciting news from the heart of Ghana! K-Net, a leading innovator in technology solutions, recently achieved a groundbreaking milestone in broadcasting excellence, and 2wcom Systems GmbH is thrilled to be a key contributor to this success story.

At the forefront of this achievement is a state-of-the-art DAB radio system, seamlessly executed under K-Net’s operational excellence. This system aims to bring crystal-clear, high-quality audio content to audiences far and wide, transforming the way we connect with radio.

In collaboration with African Union Communications LTD (AUCOM), specialists in the integration and supply of Digital Multimedia platforms in Africa, 2wcom Systems GmbH played a pivotal role in providing a complete audio over IP contribution system. From studio encoders to the centralized multiplexer platform and satellite distribution to DAB transmitters around the country, our solution has been instrumental in enhancing K-Net’s broadcasting capabilities.

Paneda, recognized for its expertise in DAB solutions, also played a crucial role by providing a complete virtual server-based platform. This platform consists of a redundant multiplexer handling 20 audio services and metadata, offering expandability without additional hardware investments.

The success of this project not only underscores K-Net’s commitment to delivering contemporary solutions but also highlights the power of collaboration in the ever-evolving tech industry. As K-Net continues to lead the way in technology solutions for Ghana, 2wcom Systems GmbH remains a steadfast partner, providing the tools and expertise needed to fuel their innovation.

This success story is a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and the incredible possibilities that unfold when visionary companies come together. Here’s to K-Net, here’s to Ghana, and to many more milestones ahead in the world of broadcasting!

Watch the video about the project in Ghana by our friends at WorldDAB below!

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