DAB+ over IP distribution

Commercial IP streaming networks are being increasingly used by broadcasters to provide their high-quality, commercial audio distribution and DAB+ over IP.

As a leading international manufacturer of high-quality professional broadcasting solutions we naturally support this transmission technology within our DAB+ over IP distribution system.

2wcom DAB distribution equipment


The main advantages of providing commercial DAB+ over IP networks for your business are:

  • Scalability of the transport network
  • Availability of different transport options (Provider)
  • Flexibility of adding and deactivating lines
  • Transparent transport platform by standardized technology (from Studio to Transmitter)
  • Lower costs compared to other transmission technologies (E1, radio line network, Satellite uplink)
  • Simple implementation


Our DAB+ over IP solutions implement a range of special transmission technologies:

  • Forward error correction: enables reconstruction of lost data packets, avoids audio dropouts
  • Dual streaming [optional]: double transmission over different transmission routes protects against complete line failures
  • Packet reordering: incoming data packets are sorted into original order if the IP network swaps them
  • Data spreading/reordering [optional]: time scrambling of data packets over a defined period to protect the stream like a swarm against transmission failures
  • Seamless switching: automatic seamless switch to a second incoming stream if the main stream fails for some reason
  • Satellite backup*: automatic switch to the satellite backup if the main stream fails for some reason
    * Seamless switching available as an option

Our special transmission technologies deliver these system advantages:

  • Reliable / high available DAB+ transmission over standard IP lines
  • Compliance with existing standards
  • Harmonic integration into DAB+ distribution infrastructure over satellite
  • Independence from individual existing/future transmitter developments
  • Additional redundancy by creating a second distribution path
  • Ability to reach any remote area (with additional satellite distribution)

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