D110Lite Clock Distribution Unit

External 1 PPS and GPS-PPS distribution unit


The D110Lite is an affordable clock and time distribution device to distribute externally fed 1PPS and reference (REF, i.e. 10MHz) inputs. For each input signal, there are eight BNC outputs (16 in total). Optionally the device can be equipped with an internal GPS receiver module that will source the 1PPS and a 10MHz REF signal internally.

Clock Distribution

  • Distribute timing information for devices and network components.
  • Synchronize devices for Single Frequency Network (SFN) operation.

Optional: internal GPS Receiver

  • No need for external GPS receiver, ideal for sites that haven’t been upgraded with GPS timing receivers yet.
  • Automatic fallback to external reference inputs in case of GPS signal loss.

Time Synchronization

  • 1PPS Interface:  
    • BNC – female 50 Ohm Type: TTL input (1PPS)
  • Ref In Interface:
    • BNC – female 50 Ohm Type: 0,2…5V input, 10kHz…30MHz
  • 1PPS OUT1 -OUT8:
    • 8x BNC – female 50 Ohm Type: TTL output, 5V
  • REF OUT1-OUT8: 
    • 8x BNC – female 50 Ohm Type: TTL output, 5V


  • GPS Antenna Input: 
    • F-jack female
  • Holdover functionality (100ppb/24h frequency accuracy)
  • Time to first fix:
    • 26 seconds (cold start)
    • 1 second (warm start)
  • Sensitivity: -166dBm (Tracking)
  • Time Pulse Accuracy:
    • 30ns (RMS)
    • 60ns (99%)
  • Antenna supply:
    • Passive: 0V
    • Active: 3,3V / 5V, 20mA

General Data

  • Power consumption: 20VA
  • 19″, 1HU, depth: 310mm, width: 424mm, front-panel: 484mm
  • Weight <5kg
  • Cooling: passive, no fans
  • Operating temperature range: 0° … +45°C
  • Power supply: 1x internal 90 … 260 VAC, 47 … 63Hz
Datasheet for D110 Clock Distribution Unit (PDF, 0,8MB)