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Broadcasting without Internet Protocol? Unthinkable! The Digital transmission of audio signals is here to stay, and it brings many advantages… but also problems. 

In a rapidly developing society with constantly evolving configurations of radio devices and codecs – one thing always has to be right in the end: the quality! This is what the 2wcom Team works on every day. We understand the demands of large and small broadcasting operators and offer you innovative solutions.

It's time for a change

Is your day-to-day work unnecessarily complicated by old technology?
Are you struggling with dropouts/disconnects or are your devices running on outdated software and therefore not compatible with new standards? Maybe, like many of our customers, you had to change device or manufacturer too often in recent years?

The most beautiful studio recording, the best analysis, the most exciting topics – it’s all wasted if the transmission fails. No matter wether it’s from one studio to another or from the broadcast center to thousands of radio towers. You and your program deserve the best quality and customer support, always and everywhere.

Crystal clear, anytime,
anywhere – your program in
peak shape

At 2wcom, we follow a philosophy that is closely aligned with our customers. We work with you to find the best fitting setup for your environment. Do you have to change your entire system? No, because at 2wcom we have always made interoperability a top priority. 

Our in-house engineers enable customer-specific solutions. Through years of experience we find innovative solutions for complex problems which are then assembled by our production here in Flensburg (Germany). Due to our high requirements and quality of implementation, our devices are an ideal premise for long-term integration.

We attach great importance to finding a long-term solution for you and appreciate the continuous cooperation with many of our customers.

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IT security is a high priority for Audio over IP. Our firewall-like security measures make it almost impossible to break into the system. Additionally our solutions are tested by external experts to guarantee the highest level of security.

Interoperability is a top priority at 2wcom. Our AoIP devices have a high level of standardization and integrate most common standards. With our Stream4Sure technology we guarantee highest reliability – no matter what your IP structure looks like. 

Of course, we work with two redundancy schemes: redundancy on line paths and redundancy on device level. In case of an emergency, even a satellite connection could be used as a backup. 

For our customers, Audio over IP Clock Synchronization is an important issue. We are used to synchronization scenarios that have very high requirements. 

Every setup is unique, please contact us for an individual 2wcom-consultation below.

Just follow the instructions in our Dante Connection Guide.


Broadcasters strive to provide their listeners with a high-quality audio experience. If, however, no precautionary measures are taken, audio errors can easily occur – or in the worst case, complete silence. Although a wide range of solutions is available to ensure error-free audio broadcasting, it can be difficult to determine which solutions best suit your needs. This document gives a simple overview of the various solutions that 2wcom offers.

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