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DAB+ Solutions (Digital Audio Broadcasting)

Professional DAB+ Distribution Systems

One hundred years after the first radio transmission and more than fifty years after the introduction of FM, radio is again experiencing a quantum leap. Digital radio is the new radio standard, and analogue radio is moving into the digital era with more choice of programs, excellent sound, ease of use, and new services for business – all available wherever your audience wants to listen. At 2wcom, we support commercial business with our professional DAB devices in the distribution of DAB satellite streams, from the radio station to broadcast tower.

Whether you have EDI (SAT-TS GSE/MPE, IP) or ETI (SAT-TS, ASI-TS, IP-TS, E1 G.703) streams, fed via IP, E1, ASI or satellite, we offer a system based on the most advanced transmission technologies and features.

Our DAB+ solutions for you:

> DAB+ over IP distribution

> DAB+ over satellite distribution

Our DAB+ products and technology for you:

> FlexNsert DAB+ Distribution Inserter

> FlexXtract+ DAB+ Distribution Extractor 


DAB+ over IP Transmission System
DAB+ over IP Transmission System
DAB+ Satellite Transmission System Basic (ASI/IP contribution)
DAB+ Satellite Transmission System Basic (ASI/IP contribution)

For general information about DAB and DAB+ please visit the following official website of the DMBWorld Organisation or find a definition in our Glossary:

WorldDMB - Digital Audio Broadcasting
WorldDMB - Digital Audio Broadcasting