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2wcom Product Range

Future oriented high quality products - Made in Germany!

Werner Drews, founder of 2wcom, explains the company’s product philosophy as follows: “It is our ambition to contribute to our customer’s business success with future oriented high quality products. We are developing with and for our customers. All of our professional and sophisticated products are being designed and manufactured at 2wcom in Flensburg - Made in Germany.”

Take a look at our new products:

> A30 - FM Monitoring Decoder

> MM01 - Audio over IP Codec

> FlexMon FM02 FM Demodulator 

> FM2TS Gateway 

> Sync FM - Synchronous FM SFN Solutions

> ALA-MPX - Automatic modulation control for FM-TX

> FMC01 - FM MPX Codec (MPX over E1/IP)

> FlexDSR04+ DVB Satellite Receiver

> FlexXtract+ DAB+ Distribution Extractor

> FlexNsert DAB+ Distribution Inserter