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The power of the event does not have to leave you powerless.

Accidents and catastrophes - possible anywhere and at any time.

In the past people were largely at risk from fires, natural disasters and acts of war.
Nowadays the threats are considerably more diverse and include terror attacks, reactor and chemical accidents, people running amok etc. Some of these incidents allow time for preparation and planning, others occur suddenly and unexpectedly.
In the case of events with prior warning, e.g. natural disasters, such as tidal waves, hurricanes, tornados or snow storms, our system can be used in a preventive capacity for the organisation of emergency services.

In the case of unpredictable catastrophes, e.g. terrorist attacks, earthquakes and forest fires, our system provides support for the coordination and distribution of warnings and rescue messages once the incident has occurred.

It is good to know that the button you are pressing is guaranteed to work.

24 hours a day,
365 days a year,
100% certain!!!

2wcoms complete system solution for catastrophe warning

An effective early warning system reduces the impact of a disaster by giving the authorities a means to alert the public and first responders and provide them with critical timely information so that they can best react to the situation.

> Early Warning System

> EWS First Responder

> EWS Public

> EWS Wallmount

> EWS Server

Early Warning Network Distribution Diagram

Early Warning Network Distribution Diagram
Early Warning Network Distribution Diagram