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Webinar and Solution Guide: Getting the Audio to the Head-end

Embark on a journey into the world of delivering studio feeds to the DAB head-end! Recognized for pioneering products in DAB distribution and Audio over IP (AoIP), 2wcom has made significant contributions to DAB setups globally. The addition of the DAB+ Encoder further solidifies our commitment to providing efficient and reliable broadcasting solutions, establishing 2wcom as the go-to for comprehensive DAB needs.

Webinar: DAB Contribution

Studio-to-Headend Audio Delivery Unveiled

16.05.2024 – 10:00 CEST

Our experts will navigate the complexities of delivering studio feeds to the DAB headend, offering practical insights for broadcasters, system integrators, and network operators. Discover the diverse audio sources and robust transport solutions available, with a focus on the efficiency brought by Audio over IP (AoIP) and dedicated DAB+ encoders. Additionally, don’t miss the live demo showcasing these features in action. Gain valuable knowledge to elevate your DAB infrastructures with 2wcom’s expertise.


Arne Borsum
Tork Niendorf

DAB Contribution Solution – comprehensive 2wcom guide

Tailored for broadcasters, system integrators, and network operators, 2wcom provides optimal solutions for DAB infrastructures. The guide gives a comprehensive insight into different methods to deliver audio from the studio to the multiplexer, and particularly highlights the advantages of AoIP contribution at the one side and dedicated DAB+ encoders at the other side.

Explore the DAB Contribution solution page with FAQ and download our whitepaper below to unlock the future of efficient DAB setups.

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