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DAB+ Audio Encoder

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The DAB+ Audio Encoder supports the generation of a DAB+ subchannel to be distributed to the multiplexer in a DAB head-end.

Depending on the requirements and infrastructure of the operator, it can be licensed for 2wcom hardware platforms as well as for the MoIN software solution.



  • Remote DAB+ encoding in the radio studio
  • Central high-density DAB+ encoding at the head-end
  • Software-based DAB+ encoding
  • DAB+ re-broadcast applications 



  • Proven FRAUNHOFER Professional DAB+ Codec
  • EDI/STI-D or FhG MuxEnc (optional) to DAB Multiplexer
  • Local insertion of PAD (DLS, SLS), TA, PTy
  • Secure and stable connection to FhG DAB ContentServer via FhG MuxEnc – configuration, PAD insertion and monitoring of the remote hardware encoders possible at the multiplexer 



  • Reduce rackspace and gain flexibility with scalable multi-purpose hardware and software
  • Integrate in any studio infrastructure with analog, digital or AES67/Livewire audio
  • Use audio inputs from AoIP, webstream or satellite (DVB-S/S2 tuner optional in IP-4c) as main or backup source
  • Multi-encoding of the same audio service with different parameters (requires separate DAB+ encoder license)
  • Cover multiple distribution paths (DAB+, FM, web stream) with the same hardware or software platform
  • Fault-proof encoder configuration and PAD import controlled by the platform operator with the FhG MuxEnc protocol (optional)
  • Interconnect to any multiplexer with the standardized STI-D/DCP protocol
  • Synchronous output stream to multiplexer with NTP or PTP clock source and selectable sample rate conversion of the audio input

DAB+ Audio Encoder Product Lineup


You can download the Appnote with detailled Information about the DAB+ Audio Encoder here: