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According to the fact, that 2wcom sets a high standard on customer support, we would like to introduce you to our revision service. 

Repair request form

The easiest way to request a repair for your 2wocm device is to fill out following form:

    The easiest way to request a repair for your 2wcom device is to fill out following form:

    By clicking the following checkbox you give us your active consent to process and store the data in this contact form for the solely intent to process your request and give you direct contact to one of our team members. For more info see our privacy policy

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    4. First failure isolation

    Check applicable - Please check carefully!

    Is there physical damage visible?Does the unit power up?Is the display working and showing expected content/parameters?Are there failure messages in the log file?Was the unit running and then suddenly stopped working?If the unit suddenly stopped, does a power cycle solve the problem?Is the device correctly connected and configured?Did you ask for the latest firmware and flash it?Have you tried to load factory settings and setting up the device again?

    Please call me back


    Please send us a brief e-mail under Support indicating the quantity, type and S/N’s of your 2wcom products and we will check if a free update of your firmware or PC control software is available. 

    You will receive our reply shortly. 

    To complete our support program, please do not hesitate to ask for new features and facilities according to your 2wcom products as we are in an ongoing process of integrating future technologies to further develop our product range with respect to our customer’s needs.

    RMA – Repair request process
    2wcom repair process