RDS Solution

Managing regionalization of TMC data, powerful handling of AF and quality control in RDS encoder networks can be a complex and time-consuming task. The software applications ARCOS Config and ARCOS Network simplify that task for you. While ARCOS Config is intendet to control different encoders one by one, ARCOS Network was developed to control entire fleets with thousands of encoders.

In the heart of the network the OCTO-IP server is used to route all services to the proper encoders. That architecture enables our customers to implement advanced RDS networks especially when it comes to Traffic Announcement setups like TA EON switches and more.

ARCOS Config is a sophisticated encoder configuration software, which is perfect for networks with a small number of units. It offers a convenient way to set up and manage 2wcom RDS encoder with all necessary RDS parameters.

ARCOS Network is a turnkey ready solution to set up a complete network of RDS encoder any hassle filling in EON AF or AF lists and is intended for a high number of units. In conjunction with OCTO IP it is possible to configure a complete network of IP connected encoder over a single administration point, having always consistent data with easy back up possibilities. ARCOS Network RDS Database Software also follows the UECP standard and supports traditional usage over serial lines.

The RDS Encoder Alive Checker will help you to monitor your RDS encoder network, as it does provide an alive-check (heart beat) for every encoder; it will even reinitialize an encoder in case it does find an inconsistency in the encoder data. It is tightly integrated with the other 2wcom software products:

  • ARCOS Network can be used to provide the necessary encoder information
  • The OCTO IP server is recommended to do the necessary routing to the encoder

The A30 offers economic quality control for radio stations. Together with the included RDS decoder it is possible to also monitor RDS extensively. The dual tuner concept and scan mode offers the possibility to monitor many programs in a round-robin fashion.

Radix 2.10 is the renewed RDS software solution by Broadcast Partners which makes publishing on-air texts through RDS easier than ever. The software enables you to manage all RDS traffic for your radio station using a single all-in-one application, which operates as a stand-alone application, as well as in network configurations.

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