NC06 – Network Control Device


NC06 - Network Control Device - FrontNC06 - Network Control Device - Rear

The NC06 integrates existing analogue and digital equipment into SNMP TCP/IP structures. No software is needed to manage the NC06 since everything can be done via web browser or standard SNMP get and set commands.

SNMP trap generation and alarm logging can be added to your site for up to 32 opto isolated inputs.

NC06 - SNMP GPIO Device - screenshot

  • Take the chance to integrate existing equipment with parallel contacts to the new world of SNMP and TCP/IP

  • Analog inputs for monitoring of e.g. voltage, temperature

  • Incoming information and necessary switching activities can be used to carry out direct control automatically

  • Information just on demand: Improve the efficiency of your maintenance staff in saving time and costs

  • Improve your budget: Assists you to eleminate weak spots in your system in the long term

  • Overall long term performance: Getting an exact malfunction analysis for your statistical interpretation

  • Prevent network downtime – countermeasures are initiated automatically on site and the service staff is informed immediately

  • Customized con guration via WEB-interface

Datasheet for NC06 Network Control Device (PDF, 598 KB)