Moin is a word that originates from the area between southern Denmark and northern Germany and means “hello” or “good bye” at the same time. You can say it at any time of day and to any person.

That is what we envisioned for our MoIN: be able to connect to any audio over IP codec or software at any time.

Listen to our HLS stream

Low latency MP3 audio in three different qualities (320k, 192k, 128k bits/s)

How does the stream get here? Read more about the story.


High quality audio is our passion. We always strive for the best possible performance. Our MoIN software let’s you choose your audio codec freely and gives you the possibility to balance your streams between bandwidth, quality and latency.

Studio - Fully control all of your streams

Use our audio over IP and Monitoring Stack to fully control your audio over IP network. Discover, receive and decode almost any audio stream and monitor all statistics from bitrate, packet errors to silence detection 24/7 using our Grafana integration that is shipped with our MoIN installation.


Distribution - from studio to transmitter with just a fraction of rack space... and C02

If you want to find our more about how we reduced the rackspace for one customer from 400 height untis to just 3, read more in our customer story section.

Our software solution reduces the CO2 footptint by achieving much higher densities in a server hardware compared to traditional dedicated hardware. Read more in our C02 balance sheet that compares MoIN to IP-4c.


Simple audio transcoding
$ 9
  • AES67 In/Outputs
  • All basic codecs included
  • RTP and FEC
  • Ancillary data


Advanced audio transcoding
$ 19
  • SRT and RIST
  • HLS Encoding
  • NTP Audio Synchronisation
  • Live Listening
  • SIP and SAP
  • Livewire+ / RAVENNA


Most advanced audio over IP transcoding
$ 39
  • Dolby Codecs
  • DVB TS Encoder / Decoder
  • Encoder backups
  • HLS Decoder
  • All future features included!

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Audio over IP

Audio over IP