Audio over IP Solution (AoIP)

But which solution should you pick? We help you to find a suitable solution for your needs and keep up with emerging standards, so that the interoperability of your system is met.

Our product range of AoIP devices extends from 8 channel encoders to one channel codecs or even 8 channel FM to Transport Stream (IP) devices:

Audio over IP solution


Overview of our Audio over IP Solution:

1. Our Interoperability

Our Audio over IP products arose from a very well standardized DVB audio world (e.g. DVB-S satellite receivers). We like to bring that level of standardization and interoperability also to the Audio over IP world by implementing a variety of well known AoIP standards:

Livewireravenna_500px Audio over IP Protocols

2. What is Stream4Sure?


Stream4Sure is a technology to get the best reliability out of your IP lines. Products with the Stream4Sure technology can encode/decode up to four Audio over IP streams with different codecs and qualities. This does not necessarily mean that you have to use four different lines. But you can adjust your Audio over IP streams to the available bandwidth on a certain IP connection. The encoder generates the streams with different qualities, but the real magic is done at the decoder, which can seamlessly switch between the four streams.

For example:

Stream No. line type codec quality description
1 fibre network PCM highest a high quality, high bandwidth connection. Therefore a lossless stream with maximum quality is used.
2 private leased line e-AptX high a high quality but expensive bandwidth line. Therefore a high quality compression is used, with low delay.

public internet

(DSL or cable)

AAC-HEv2 low Low quality but cheap line. Therefore a low quality but high compression rate codec is used.
4 4G public internet AAC-HEv2 low Low quality but high reachability line. Therefore a low quality but high compression rate codec is used.


3. Clock Synchronization

Audio over IP Clock Synchronization

The distribution of a clock to all of your codecs is an essential step to compensate for the propagation delay of your IP lines.

We are used to synchronization scenarios that have very high requirements like Single Frequency Networks with accuracies down to 1 microsecond.

You can use either Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to distribute the clock through the network or GPS to derive the clock from the high precision PPS (pulse per second).

Audio over IP synchronization

4. Backup or redundancy solutions

Redundancy is a very interesting topic to get the best reliability out of your system. We are proud that many of our customers install very sophisticated redundancy solutions. We differ between two redundancy schemes: redundancy on line paths and redundancy on device level. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us, because redundancy can be a difficult topic.

Redundancy on line paths

This is achieved by using elaborated streaming technologies like Dual Streaming, Stream4Sure, or even by using a complete other medium as audio via satellite.

Redundancy on device level

For that level of redundancy every device has to have a backup (1+1) or for every n-th device a backup device has to be installed (n+1).

Audio over IP Backup solutions