ALA-MPX MPX modulation control


Automatic analysis and selection of the best MPX modulation source for FM-TX

ALA-MPX Front ViewALA-MPX Rear View

The ALA-MPX enables you to simply monitor and compare up to four MPX signals (out of different sources or feeding systems) that get supervised and automatically switched following defined criteria in case of failure.

It is possible to monitor the signal sources using a TCP/IP MP3 audio stream. A direct monitoring of the analog audio signal is possible via “Audio OUT L/R” connection.

The ALA-MPX can operate in an automatic mode and can be operated completely via the web interface. The device can be operated manually in case of failure and can be activated manually by means of the LED level display the best modulation path can be activated.

  • Level Monitoring of up to 3 different sources
  • Fourth modulation input as a backup source during maintenance
  • Separate passive module to allow direct signal flow on power failure or maintenance
  • Automatic selection of the best modulation source
  • Selectable MPX1 / MPX2 priority
  • Balanced connection for all inputs and outputs
  • Bar graph for quick level control
  • Simultaneous RDS monitoring of 3 modulation sources
  • MP3 Monitoring based on a TCP/IP data stream
  • Two redundant power supplies
  • Web interface for easy configuration and monitoring
Datasheet for ALA-MPX Modulation Control (PDF, 1.0MB)