Empire State Building

A long time ago in New York …

A long time ago in New York, back in 1996, a small company named 2wcom made its first steps on the international market. This was a time when 2wcom was just a two-man-show that started in a co-working space in Flensburg.

Werner Drews, our CEO, still remembers the day when he visited the Empire State Building the first time: for business.

“It was a very interesting experience. Instead of queuing with hundreds of other people, we could just walk to the business elevator and take our ride to the top of the tower.”

At the top of the building Werner and his brother installed the first RDS solution ever created by 2wcom: the ‘Solution I’. This was a monitoring device able to decode various RDS parameters from an analog composite signal input (MPX) and display it.

Solution I – RDS composite signal decoder

“The panoramic view was phenomenal! We were above the tourist vista platform with just a hand full of people.”

Since that beginning 2wcom has evolved to one of the leading manufacturers for professional RDS equipment, with more than 10,000 RDS encoders in the market.