2wcom to bring SAT, AoIP, FM and cable products to Broadcast Asia

Stand No. 4P4-06

2wcom Systems, a leading supplier of professional audio broadcast products, will present its extensive portfolio for cable (FM), SAT, AoIP and DAB+ with its encoders, decoders, codecs, modulators and demodulators. The complete end-to- end solutions o er comprehensive redundancy and backup possibilities.

A big focus of the stand will be the FM2TS eight-channel gateway and transcoder. Considered a versatile partner for various fields of applications, this creates and transcodes single transport streams (SPTS) as well as multiple transport streams (MPTS).

Cable network operators can integrate the FM2TS to convert regional FM-radio programs into MPEG-2 transport streams for further processing within their cable head-ends infrastructure. Radio broadcasters can stream up to eight FM channels for quality assurance as part of their FM monitoring solution.

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