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Studio Transmitter Link (STL), Studio to Studio Link


Audio over IP distribution overview
Audio over IP distribution overview

Audio over IP (AoIP) streaming networks are being increasingly used by broadcasters to provide their high-quality audio distribution also via standard Internet lines. That may be a Studio Transmitter Link (STL), Studio to Studio Link or other types of Audio over IP streaming.

As long standing high professional and international leading manufacturer of broadcasting solutions we naturally also support this transmission technology with a variety of professional products.

Supported Standards: EBU Tech 3326, Ravenna, Livewire (Axia), Precision Time Protocol (PTP), Session Announcement Protocol, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Session Description Protocol (SDP)


Different types of transmission ways therefor may be needed:

  • Studio to transmitter (STL)
  • Studio to Studio
  • Mobile studio/Reporter/OB truck to studio
  • Streaming Server

(Meanwhile) the main advantages of providing Audio via IP are facts like:

  • Scalability of the transport network
  • Availability of different transport options (Provider)
  • Flexibility of adding and deactivating lines
  • Transparent transport platform by standardized technology (from Studio until Transmitter)
  • Lower costs compared to other transmission technologies (E1, radio line network, Satellite uplink)
  • Simple implementation (for small and middle sized transport networks)

Some previous challenges forced broadcasters to use expensive dedicated IP lines with high Quality of Service (QoS) parameters that did not fit the advantages mentioned above. Some of these challenges naturally are:

  • Packet delay (IP branch with highest delay forces other branches to be played out with delay)
  • Packet Jitter (Fluctuating interarrival times of packets increase buffer management strategies)
  • Packet loss (Lost packets cause audio dropouts, higher correction mechanisms increase bandwidth needs)
  • Complete line failure (Terminates audio transmission)

2wcom keyfeatures

Key features of the 2wcom solution are:

  • Highly professional transmission technology from end to end
  • Intelligent Forward Error Correction (Absorbs IP-line packet loss on a high level)
  • 2wcom Dual Streaming of two internet streams on two input ports (Buffer selects e.g. earlier packets)
  • 2wcom Stream④Sure: Streaming technology with different codecs/qualities and seamless switching of up to 4 streams
  • Intelligent Buffer Management (Organization of buffer lowers transmission delay)
  • Optional: GPS based 2wcom latency control solution or SFN functionality (Single frequency network)
  • Advanced redundancy management:
    Automatic switchover to multiple alternate sources (TS over IP, Audio over RTP/UDP, Shoutcast/Icecast, Satellite TS, ASI, E1, Audio directly from the integrated memory)

Associated Solutions / News

> MM01 - professional Audio over IP Codec
High quality multi-format Audio De/Encoding with low latency and extensive backup functions.

> MM01D - professional Audio over IP Decoder
High quality multi-format Audio Decoding with low latency and extensive backup functions.

> Synchronous FM SFN Solutions
Synchronous SFN FM transmission by a simple hardware update within existing FM networks.

> FMC01 FM MPX Codec
Connect your FM transmitter sites directly to your studio via MPX over E1 or via MPX over IP.


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