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A30 FM Monitoring Receiver Decoder

FM RDS/RBDS monitoring and control equipment


The new A30 FM Monitoring Receiver Decoder with its optional double tuner enables you e.g. to monitor either your own frequency continuously and/or to scan up to 30 neighbourhood station as well. With this option 2 RF inputs get decoded and put out as MPX or Audio simultaneously.

The A30 offers economic quality control for radio stations. Together with the included RDS decoding software RDS Lab it is possible to also monitor RDS extensively. The optional RDS Logger software is adapted for further documentation purposes. All RDS group data are recorded and written into log files that can be analyzed offline via RDS Lab and can even be played back to a 2wcom RDS encoder for test purposes.

Product highlights

General features

  • Bandscan and graphical presentation of FM band
  • Active Loopthrough (passive in case of power failure)
  • mp3 encoder output (1 channel, optional: 2 channel)
  • Measurement and display of all relevant FM/RDS signal parameters
  • Alarm reporting via: e-mail, SNMP, activation of floating relay contacts
  • Full remote control and monitoring of all parameters and measurement values via TCP/IP
  • SNMP monitoring and control functionality
  • Remote operation via web interface
  • Scrolling PS Monitoring
  • RDS decoding software RDS Lab included:
    • Main: PI, PS, PTY, CT, RT, TP, TA
    • TMC messages in plain text
    • RT+ tagging (song title, artist)
    • group statistic
    • group sequence
    • AF
    • EON with EON-AF

Optional features

  • Double tuner: Simultaneous measurements with 2 tuners
  • Scanmode: Control of up to 30 stations simultaneously (Round Robin)
  • Enhanced MPX measurements: measurement and grafical display of MPX deviation, MPX power and MPX deviation distribution
  • Dual MP3/Audio: Audio output and MP3 live streaming for both tuners or inputs
  • RDS Logger: software for recording and playback of RDS data in connection with the A30
  • MPX input: Decoding and processing of a direct MPX input
  • Silence detection: configurable silence detection for audio

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