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FlexDSR02/04+ DVB Satellite Receiver/IRD

Flexible professional 1-4 channel DVB-S/S2 satellite audio receiver/IRD

Product highlights

The professional satellite receiver FlexDSR+ is based on a flexible platform with 1, 2 or 4 audio interfaces (analog & digital). The FlexDSR02+ receiver can be upgraded from 1 to 2 audio interfaces with a simple software update. The FlexDSR04+ is fitted with 4 audio interfaces from the beginning.

Reach your commercial regionalization | regionalized / local advertisement | regionalized / local ad insertion | local ads | local content distribution goals with our flexible regionalization server and receiver concept incl. transport/scheduling system, flexible interface to existing automation systems and the full featured Satellite receivers with regionalization possibility (integrated memory).

Yet another highlight is that the FlexDSR+ can be used also as an Audio over IP device as well with extensive backup scenarios.

General features

Transportstream inputs

  • DVB-S/S2 256 kSym/s...45 MSym/s single and multiple channel per carrier
  • DVB-S/S2 Tuner module 16 APSK (128/64 kSym/s - 45 MSym/S) (optional)
  • ASI (optional)
  • Gigabit IP (optional)

Local Ad(vertisement)/commercials/regionalized audio content

  • Provision of local ads and regionalized radio content network wide
  • Existing 2wcom Systems transport and scheduling system (SIRC)
  • Flexible interface to existing automation system
  • Flexible regionalization server and receiver concept
  • Full featured Satellite Receivers with regionalization possibility (integrated memory)


  • Transport stream over IP
  • Transport stream over ASI
  • Optional: IP-audio streaming (Icecast/Shoutcast) input as back-up solution
  • Optional: Enhanced integrated memory as additional back-up
  • Intelligent, automatic switching between backup sources in case of failure

Audio output

  • up to 4 balanced analogue or digital AES/EBU (XLR connector) audio outputs

Data output (e.g. RDS, DRM)

  • Serial, IP and optional X.21 interface
  • FlexDSR02+: 3 serial RS232 outputs (optional: 5)
  • FlexDSR04+: 9 serial RS232 outputs and 18 relays
  • Optional: High Speed IP Data (MPE)

Transport stream output

  • ASI
  • Gigabit IP


  • Audio decoding (professional MPEG decoder: MPEG 1/2 Layer 1, 2, 3 (optional: MPEG 2/4 AAC LC, HEv1&v2 and AC3)
  • RDS decoding (built in RDS/UECP decoder)


  • prepared for multiple users/customers on one physical device
  • Via web interface
  • Optional: Satellite In-Band Remote Control
    (e.g. relay switching, regional advertising)
  • SNMP v2c


  • RF and MPEG parameters via SNMP v2c and relay
  • Monitoring of up to eight audio programs via IP

Sync FM

  • Prepared for synchronized FM transmission within FM SFN Networks

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